Warzone hackers are now making their own Operator skins

Nicholas Barth
warzone pink suit hacker

Members of the Call of Duty: Warzone community have been spotting extremely blatant hackers recently, as players are using unusual Operator skins when playing that point towards hackers creating their own custom skins.

The battle royale game of Warzone has had a great deal of success following its release in 2020. The popular Call of Duty title has provided a great deal of entertainment to the community thanks to its unique take on the battle royale genre.

However, despite all of the game’s success so far, one major issue that has caused frustration among players is the number of hackers that the game has seen and continues to see.

Despite a huge number of players having already been banned for cheating, players are continuing to run into hackers using various kinds of cheats to gain an unfair advantage over their opponents.

One recent hack that has caught the community’s attention is where hackers can drastically change an Operator’s skin to something that is not supposed to be available in the game, blatantly telling whoever sees them on Verdansk that they are hacking the game.

This Operator skin-changing hack became a recent topic of discussion on the official Warzone subreddit when community member jherbz87 posted an image of the Dr. Karlov Operator wearing a pink suit that is nowhere close to what the character is intended to look like in the game.

This image was accompanied by a warning from jherbz87 stating for players to watch out for players who have altered their Operators to look like this pink suit character, as they have encountered them twice and witnessed them hacking with the one above having gotten 46 kills in that particular match.

The majority of hacks that players will use to cheat and gain advantages over their opponents consist of aimbots and wall-hacks that allow them to lock on to players when aiming and see them through walls.

However, this cosmetic hack looks to be this hacker winking at other players and broadcasting their cheating intentions.

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Image Credits: jherbz87 via Reddit/Activision

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