MW3 players sick of “silly Fortnite skins” & call for more realistic options

Joseph Pascoulis
mil-sim skins in mw2019

MW3 players are begging the devs to stop the Fortnite-esque Operator skins, calling for styles from MW 2019 to return.

Call of Duty games are inherently military simulators, and while some in the community prefer a more arcadey shooter, which Black Ops tends to provide, others are more into the realism that the Modern Warfare series brings.

MW3 is slightly more distant when compared to Modern Warfare 2019, as Sledgehammer Games decided to take the series in a more unrealistic direction, with faster-paced movement and a higher TTK.

It seems this has also translated into the game’s cosmetics, as players have described the more unrealistic and colorful Operator skins as something out of Fortnite.

Some players are fed up with this, as Reddit user ‘Viktorieluz’ put a post in the MW3 subreddit claiming that if they started making mil-sim skins like MW2019’s again, Call of Duty’s sales “would double.”

The OP shared examples of the mil-sim skins he believes the devs should start making again, as it will appeal to both those who like and dislike the Fortnite-style skins.

In the comments, many agree, as one user said, “I wish I could get my skins from MW 2019 to the current game, I really liked a lot of the store operator bundles they put out back then.” Another commented, “I´d pay them 200 dollars just to bring the bundles back.”

In contrast, some MW3 players believe that “if the realistic skins sold more, they would make more,” suggesting that the majority enjoy the more “goofy” skins compared to mil-sim. “The reality is more people buy the silly Fortnite skins than the realistic ones, so they make more of them,” the user added.

“They would release realistic skins if they did sell well,” agreed another. While this may be true, as the collab skins are often the most popular, it’s clear that some would like to see mil-sim skins get more love: “I want mil-sim skins so bad. I love the modern aesthetic.”

We’ll have to wait and see if the devs decide to bring some new mil-sim skins to the game, or perhaps Call of Duty 2024 will bring even more ‘goofy’ skins.

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