MW3 Ranked players call for skin restrictions to make matches more competitive

Joseph Pascoulis
Warzone operator with sniper

MW3 players are calling for skin changes in Ranked Play, as they claim that certain skins are giving players an unfair advantage.

Despite a rocky start to MW3 Season 1 Reloaded, with several bugs and the disappointing delay to Ranked Play‘s release, players are finally able to enjoy the update stress-free.

Ranked Play has been added to MW3 after a slight delay, and while many are enjoying the more competitive multiplayer experience, some feel that certain Operator skins should be banned from the mode.

Reddit user ‘qwertymnbvcxzlk’ put up a post in the MW3 subreddit that asked, “Why is this skin even allowed in ranked?” while also sharing a clip of the skin in question.

In the clip, an enemy player can be seen hiding on the bomb with the silver IO Operator skin, who the OP struggled to spot. They explained further that the game would be “so much simpler if we just used the ranked skins with black and white.”

Some MW3 players in the comments think it’s a case where the enemy player “got lucky with the floor matching their skin(silver boxes). Other environments would probably be more noticeable.”

However, others agreed with the OP, as one comment read, “Ranked should really only be default skins or dedicated ranked skins you can equip.”

One comment disagreed with the OP, as they claimed that they could “easily” see the enemy, and that the OP needed to actually look “instead of blindly turning.” Another agreed, as they commented, “I saw him as soon as you went in the room. Pay more attention to your surroundings.”

Despite the disagreements, there are many who like the idea of MW3 Ranked Play only allowing certain skins. “They should make it all CDL skins tbh,” said one player, while another agreed, “CDL Operators should be the default Skins for everyone.”

We’ll have to wait and see how MW3 Ranked Play evolves, as it’s only just been released. For more, make sure you check out the annoying one-shot weapon players would like to also see banned in Ranked Play.

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