Face-Off Map Size Comparison to other Maps & 3vs3 -UPDATE


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In our opinion Aground, Lookout, and Getaway are some of the best looking Call of Duty maps to hit MW3. While 2vs2 works, we couldn’t help but think how much more fun they would be if they were 3vs3 or even 4vs4. Luckily, Matt went above and beyond and did a little research when it came to map sizes and quickly discovered (what we originally thought) that the new face-off maps aren’t as small as we thought they were.. which is a good thing. In fact, if Shipment or Rust is any indicatation, they might even be suited for the occational 6vs6 drop.

Looks like we’re not alone, even the MW3 devs toyed with 4vs4 when filming footage for the new DLC trailer. And if that were’nt enough, Infinity Ward’s very own CM hinted earlier today that a 3vs3 playlist may be dropping soon.

Team of 4 on Mini-Map:


Infinity Ward’s CM hints 3vs3 coming soon:

-UPDATE: That was quick! A separate ‘3v3’ playlist has been added along with ‘3v3’ in ELiTE playlist.


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