MW3 Ranked players beg devs for more map variety

Max Candelarezi
MW3 Ranked Operators in Terminal

To improve the MW3 Ranked mode’s map variety, Treyarch held a map testing event over the weekend; however, this led to players begging the developers to add more maps.

Since the Ranked mode for MW3 multiplayer shares the rules, restrictions, and map pool of the CoD League, when new maps or changes come to the mode, fans are quick to welcome them.

This has been the case with Treyarch‘s Map Evaluation that took place over the weekend of March 30, including the Vista and Departures maps in the rotation.

Following the news of the maps’ leaving, players shared their interest in the Map Evaluations continuing in the future as well as new maps joining the pool improving the map diversity. As noted by user ‘droffo_’ on X, “Bring them back. Variety is good.”

In the responses to Treyarch‘s post, another player added, “We need new maps or a new game mode like capture the flag because it gets boring running the same maps,” remarking on the competitive MW3 mode’s limited map and mode offer.

However, other users want certain test maps to return and replace current Ranked maps: “Use Vista as an Invasion replacement and Departures to replace Terminal SnD.”

On that note, players are eagerly anticipating the next batch of maps entering the Map Evaluation to test them in Ranked mode. Likewise, all Ranked players agreed that in order to ensure a fair trial of maps, the map selection should have increased rates.