MW3 players agree on worst map & it’s not one you think

Aakash Regmi
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MW3 features plenty of new as well as iconic maps that have been part of the series since the original few games. Many players have now agreed on the worst map, and it is not a new one but rather one of the iconic maps.

Modern Warfare 3 launch saw the series dail back in time as it featured some of the beloved classic maps from the original MW2. As with any title in the series, post-launch seasons and updates continued to make the selection even wider. 

Season 2 Reloaded of MW3 saw the return of the popular Das Haus, with two previous maps, Terminal and Skidrow, being remodeled, now called Airborne and SkidgrowNow, of all the available maps, one has made the pick for the worst map and it is the iconic Rust.

Reddit user ‘DisasterOD’ made the post on MWIII saying that Rust is the worst one from the pools of all Small Map Moshpit maps: “Unpopular opinion: Rust is the actual trash map of SMM.”

Many agreed with the OP and pointed out why they feel that’s the case. A user wrote, “The strangest thing about it is as big as it is… you still get spawned next to enemies.” Plenty in the comments listed spawn as the major reason they think it is a bad map.

Others said it shouldn’t belong in the small map category as it is one of the bigger ones among the batch in MW3: “What makes it trash is the illusion it’s a small map, so you would think you could close quarter combat. When the reality is, it has long lines of sights that make it impossible for movement.”

Another user said, “It just doesn’t belong with the small maps in the mosh pit but it’s ok for regular multiplayer.”

Not all were in agreement, however, as many said they find it fun: “It’s still a fun small map imo, just requires more brain activity than the rest which can be annoying when the moshpit basically is for the opposite.”

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