YouTuber asked Modern Warfare devs questions during event – Mini Map, Perks, And More

Keshav Bhat

YouTuber Swagg attended a recent capture event at Infinity Ward studio this week where they were shown a look at the new Season 1 content.

Swagg says he had a chance to talk with Infinity Ward’s Joe Cecot, who is the MP Design Director. He shares in his video some of the answers he got for questions he asked during the studio visit.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Aniyah Palace in Ground War: Currently focused on new Season 1 content, and they want to eventually add it to Ground War.
  • Dead Silence: For Pubs, they will lower the footstep volume overall. Devs working closely with pros to test out what works best.
  • Perk Balance: Cecot says Infinity Ward may have made some mistakes with perks and put too many in Perk 1 slot. They need to analyze more to see how to change it to balance it better.
  • Tank Nerf: IW is working on nerfing the tank to reduce the straight shots it can make to avoid camping on the hills.
  • Spawns in modes: Cecot says they are working on ways to improve the spawns across all modes and maps. Still figuring out best ways to balance it effectively.
  • Map Voting: They don’t want map voting because data from previous games shows that players leave if their vote does not win, which causes lobbies to break up. YouTubers suggested to add a Vote to Skip option; Cecot said they will look into this.
  • Staying in Same Lobby: In regards to staying in the same lobby after the match, there is an error in the game that does this often; they wanted it to be where you can stay in the same lobby but it resets every several games to change it up, but that did not get implemented fully into the game for launch.
  • Mini Map: They have no plans to change the mini map. The design of it now was how they intended for it to be in this game. Cecot said they want the UAV to be more of a reward. Swagg says they asked why Ghost is so powerful then and Cecot apparently said they would look at that more, but they want mini map to stay as is.
  • Damascus Camo Issues: They are working to fix issues with unlocking the camo, and they have fix coming soon.
  • Skill Based Matchmaking: At first Cecot mentioned that its a “hot topic” and he “ca’t really talk about it.” Matchmaking in Modern Warfare is “not the same as Infinite Warfare” and that it is “different in every Call of Duty.” He said that connection is “big priority.” He said they are “constantly tweaking it.”

Watch his full video here:

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