MW2’s Invasion discovered inside Modern Warfare map

Liam Mackay
Invasion Modern Warfare 2

Eagle-eyed Call of Duty fans have spotted Modern Warfare 2’s Invasion map on the outskirts of Modern Warfare 2019’s Euphrates Bridge.

If you look towards the outskirts of Modern Warfare’s Euphrates Bridge, you might notice some familiar-looking buildings. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, these buildings make up the fan-favorite Invasion map from Modern Warfare 2 (2009). The close-range chaos of the war-torn city streets is a source of nostalgia for many Call of Duty fans, and it looks like it was very close to being included in the latest entry to the Modern Warfare franchise.

In Modern Warfare 2019’s rendition of Invasion, the bridge that trails off the side of the map is in fact Euphrates Bridge. By going into spectator mode, you can take the free cam outside of the map and see Invasion in all its glory. The textures are low quality and much of the finer details haven’t been added, but from the layout of the streets and the shapes of the buildings, it’s very clearly Invasion.

Invasion on Modern Warfare 2019

This was originally spotted by some when Modern Warfare first launched in 2019, but it blew up again on Reddit after user ‘LLIMIT‘ shared it, with many players are discovering this for the first time.

Infinity Ward brought back a pile of classic Modern Warfare maps for their 2019 title, including Rust and Scrapyard, and it looks likely that developers originally planned for a remake of Invasion to release at some point over Modern Warfare’s lifecycle.

As it is directly connected to Euphrates Bridge, it was most likely going to be a Ground War map combining the two, with a smaller 6v6 version of just Invasion being included too.

Why Invasion wasn’t included in Modern Warfare is anyone’s guess, but it’s an interesting look at what could have been. Perhaps we’ll see it in its full next-gen glory with Modern Warfare’s sequel, but there’s no official word on when that will release.

Some players also speculated that Infinity Ward was gearing towards ‘Urzikstan’ being a second Warzone map featuring Invasion, Crash, Azhir Caves, and other desert maps from the Modern Warfare series.

However, following the game’s integration with Black Ops Cold War, it’s unlikely that a desert Warzone map will be coming any time soon, if at all.

Image Credit: Infinity Ward

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