Modern Warfare 2 players actually like new DRC Zone 1 map

Joseph Pascoulis
drc zone 1 map in modern warfare 2

The new Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 Reloaded multiplayer map seems to be making a good impression, as reactions to DRC Zone 1 have been extremely positive so far.

Modern Warfare 2 is in its fifth season now, and reactions to new multiplayer maps haven’t exactly been the best, as players weren’t too impressed with Himmelmat Expo, which was introduced in Season 2 Reloaded.

That said, things are looking promising when it comes to Season 5 Reloaded‘s new map, DRC Zone 1, as players are sharing positive thoughts and feelings toward the map on Reddit.

Reddit user ‘PickleRickC-137-‘ put a post up in the MW2 subreddit titled: “This is by far the most fun, original map that has come out in years,” which is pretty big praise for the new map.

The OP also said they have been “playing this map on repeat for fun,” and that they are “having the best time in pubs since [they] can remember.”

They aren’t the only one who feels this way either, as other users weighed in, sharing their opinions on the new map in the comments. One user said, “100% agreed. Good layout, great flow, and good pace,” while another agreed, “It’s very simple but it flows like a dream, I cant explain it, it just FEELS good to play on.”

Some are even comparing the map’s simple but effective layout to something that would be seen in CSGO: “It reminds me of a CSGO map, really basic layout but it works.”

“I’m really enjoying it as well. Feels like an old counter strike source map,” added another fan. Clearly, many feel this “basic” layout is a positive, as they feel it allows for better pacing and flow.

Perhaps this positive feedback will be a good indication for the devs, and maybe we’ll see more simple maps like DRC Zone 1 in Modern Warfare 3, which is set for a November 10 release date.

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