MW3 leak claims new Warzone map to feature classic POIs & fan-favorite movement

Max Candelarezi
Overwatch multiplayer map from original Modern Warfare 3 2011Activision

Call of Duty content creator Metaphor shared some exclusive details about the upcoming Warzone map for Modern Warfare 3 that’s expected to feature classic POIs and fan-favorite movement.

Leaks and rumors surrounding Modern Warfare 3 have skyrocketed following a key art leak via a Call of Duty collaboration with Monster Energy. This led Sledgehammer Games to acknowledge their involvement by announcing their logo change and confirming MW3’s color scheme.

On July 25, content creator Metaphor, who previously leaked information about Warzone, shared several details about the next Warzone map, which is expected to arrive near the release of Modern Warfare 3.

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Based on the leak, it would appear that the studios behind the map took fans’ feedback on previous Warzone maps, including the return of classic COD maps as POIs and highly requested movement mechanics.

In their tweets, Metaphor states that the map that will arrive in Warzone with MW3 “looks amazing” and they think it will be “a lot of people’s fav map.”

It will not include a central high-rise area, as with Vanguard’s Caldera, and will instead have “tons of buildings and points of interest,” similar to Verdansk, the game’s most beloved and popular map.

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In addition, it’s expected to have fewer open fields and more building-based battles, allowing the possibility of “pushing player limit past 150 again.”

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Leak claims Classic COD locations to feature in Modern Warfare 3’s Warzone map

As with other previous maps, Modern Warfare 3’s Warzone map could also include maps from classic Call of Duty games, like Call of Duty 4 and the original MW3 from 2011.

According to the leaks, the Downtown area will include the largest building from MW3’s “Overwatch,” according to Metaphor. The map could also incorporate Countdown, a multiplayer map from the original Modern Warfare, COD4, which is set at a missile launch site.

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The map will have “lots of Verdansk inspiration” and “little to no Al Mazrah/Caldera inspiration,” which many players will probably welcome.

Countdown COD4 multiplayer mapActivision
Countdown was included in the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare campaign and multiplayer launch map set.

Slide cancel movement could return in MW3’s Warzone

On the movement side, Metaphor stated that slide canceling, a beloved movement mechanic that was included in the original Warzone but later removed with last year’s Warzone 2, is included in the current MW3 Warzone build.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t confirm it’s coming back to this year’s iteration of the game. All of these leaks should be taken with a grain of salt until official information is revealed.

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Metaphor goes on to explain that the game feels “exactly like MW2 but improved,” hoping “the animations will be smoother and faster,” something that was expected with MW2 after the announcement that the game was being developed from the ground up on a new engine.

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