How to get a cape in Minecraft with & without mods

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Minecraft capesMojang

Your player model becomes your identity in Minecraft, and donning a cape is one of the coolest cosmetic upgrades you can get yourself. Unlike a ton of items, you cannot craft capes, so here’s how to get capes in Minecraft with & without mods.

Owning a cape, at least in Minecraft Java Edition, says a lot about your expertise in the sandbox game. Capes were first released back in 2011, when Minecon took place and attendees got them for free until 2016.

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Mojang has rarely released capes after that, focusing on other ways to spruce up your in-game character. If you have one of the originals on your account, the community will certainly perceive it as a sign of you being a veteran. However, even if you’re a new player, you should not worry about never owning a cape, as there are many ways to get one now.

So, here’s every method to get capes in Minecraft.

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Red cape in MinecraftMojang
Many Minecraft veterans can be seen wearing capes in the game.

How to get capes in Minecraft Java Edition without mods


If you’re a Minecraft player who attended MINECON events from 2011-2016, you’d have received free capes as a reward from the devs. MINECON events are now virtual but back in the day, you had to purchase a ticket and attend it physically. It is safe to say that only a few thousand veterans own such MINECON-themed capes in the Java Edition.

The upcoming Minecraft Festival that was postponed can be a great opportunity for you to get a cape. The date for this real-world event is to-be-declared but it will most likely hand out an exclusive cape to the attendees.

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Migrator Cape

You can get the Migrator Cape for free in Minecraft after migrating your Mojang account to Microsoft account. This is a fairly easy process as it involves following the on-screen prompts and verifying your e-mail address. The only prerequisites are a Microsoft and an Xbox account.

Vanilla Cape

If you’re a Minecraft player who owned both Java and Bedrock editions on the same account before June 6, 2022, you’d have received the Vanilla cape as a token of appreciation from the devs.

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Vanilla cape in MinecraftMojang
The vanilla cape is quite rare.

How to get capes in Minecraft Bedrock edition without mods

Capes aren’t rare in Minecraft Bedrock edition when compared to Java. This is because the Java edition capes from MINECON 2011-2016 were a part of skin packs in Bedrock and anyone could purchase them regardless of whether they’ve attended the corresponding events or not.

Moreover, skin packs like Adventure Time Mash-Up and Star Wars have exciting cape designs that you’d definitely love to see on your character.

Lastly, you can also get the Pan Cape in Minecraft Bedrock edition by signing up for the Beta Bedrock edition.

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Minecraft characters wearing different capesMojang
Capes can expand your player’s idnetity in Minecraft.

How to get a cape in Minecraft Java Edition with mods

Minecraft mods let you alter literally every aspect of the game, and it is no surprise that you can also add capes through them. However, the capes you equip through mods are exclusive to your own game and others cannot see them. Similarly, many Minecraft SMP servers disable capes and other modded skins when you enter them.

Some popular Minecraft cape mods include Advanced Capes. If you’re yet to install mods, make sure to check out this detailed guide on how to add mods to Minecraft.

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Get a Minecraft cape through OptiFine

Often considered the best mod in Minecraft history, OptiFine, allows you to get custom capes for $10. The mod in itself is free but to get capes, you need to pay the devs this small fee.

Follow these steps to get a Minecraft cape through OptiFine:

  1. Visit the official OptiFine Donate website.
  2. Enter your Minecraft username. Enter the name carefully as the cape will be activated for the account you enter.
  3. Pay 10$ to OptiFine devs. The mode of payment is flexible and based on your region, you can choose Paymentwall, PayPal, PaySafeCard, UKash, Prepaid Cards, e-Wallets, Credit Card,
    Bank Transfer, and other modes.
  4. You’ll get the OptiFine Cape as a reward for donating.

Yet again, if you want other players to see these capes, they must also be using OptiFine 1.1 B or newer.

Another thing to note here is that Minecraft Bedrock edition doesn’t support mods and you can only use add-ons to improve your experience or add capes.

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Optiffine cape in Minecraft installed through modsMojang
The Optifine cape is one of the most well-known cape designs featuring the popular mod.

How to equip capes in Minecraft

Java Editon

  1. Open the Minecraft launcher.
  2. Select Java Edition and then go to Options > Skin Customization.
  3. Here, you’ll find the capes installed through mods as well as the authentic ones. Equip, unequip, or alter them as per your need.

Bedrock edition

  1. Launch the game and from the main menu, head to the Dressing Room by clicking on your profile avatar.
  2. From the drop-down menu on the left side of the screen, select Capes and select/customize the desired skins.

How to equip your cape to your Elytra in Minecraft

All you need to do is equip the cape using the regular method mentioned above. When you equip your Elytra wings while having a cape on, your wings will take the color, design, and texture of the cape, giving you a unique Elytra design.

Note that there are some Mojang employees, content creators, and players who have the privilege of owning official custom capes. For instance, a Reddit user named u/billyk_ has their own cape for suggesting the release of turtles in their game.

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Hence, being a dedicated member of the Minecraft community might lead to Mojang rewarding you with your own cape but until then, you can rely on the methods mentioned above.

That’s everything to know about how to get capes in Minecraft. For more content on the hit sandbox game, you can check out:

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