Minecraft cheats on Nintendo Switch: How to enable & all commands

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Minecraft Nintendo Switch.

Surviving is not all in Minecraft, and cheats can help out to be more creative in the block-based world. If you are playing on Nintendo Switch, you might wonder how to enable chets and which ones you can use, and here’s all you need to know.

If you are stuck in difficult situations during your survival in Minecraft, or simply want to boost your creativity, your best bet is to enable and use cheats. But, since cheating is usually related to PC, what about it on Nintendo Switch?

Well, here’s all you need to know about cheating in Minecraft on Nintendo Switch, including cheat availability, how to enable them, and all the commands you can use.


Can you cheat in Minecraft on Nintendo Switch?

Yes, you can cheat on Minecraft on Nintendo Switch, but only by using Mojang’s official commands. You can’t use the Console prompt cheats found in the PC versions of the game, as those are exclusive to that platform.

Minecraft can be played in two different versions, being the Java version and the Bedrock version. PC users can access both, and Console prompt cheats are available in both. Console users can only access the Bedrock version, which shares the same enable method, but is limited to Mojang’s commands only.

So, now that we know that you, in some way, can use cheats in Minecraft on Nintendo Switch, let’s see how to enable them.

How to enable cheats in Minecraft on Nintendo Switch

When creating a new Minecraft world on Nintendo Switch, players can follow these instructions to enable cheats:

  1. When selecting the Create New World option while playing Minecraft, access the Game Settings page.
  2. Scroll down to find the Cheats section.
  3. Toggle the Activate Cheats options on (should turn green).
  4. Press Create and start your new world with cheats enabled.

If you already have a Minecraft world created and want to enable cheats, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Inside your Minecraft world, press the + button on your Joycon or Pro Controller to pause the game.
  2. Navigate to the Settings option, and once inside, scroll down to the Cheats section.
  3. Toggle Activate Cheats on (should turn green) and resume playing while using cheats.

It is worth noting that enabling cheats will disable achievements in that session, so it’s impossible to earn any in that session. If you want to earn achievements, you need to do it in a world that has never enabled cheats before.

To turn cheats off, simply navigate to the Activate Cheats toggle and turn it off.

Minecraft character running in open green areas with bees and other flowers in the background
Using cheat commands in Minecraft on Nintendo Switch can lead to many new opportunities while surviving.

All commands for Minecraft on Nintendo Switch

While cheats can’t be used in Minecraft on Nintendo Switch in the same way as in PC, enabling cheats gives you access to a sort of Console like in the PC version where you can input Mojang’s pre-coded commands.

These are the commands that you can use in Minecraft on Nintendo Switch:

  • /give: This command gives you any item in the game, and the input should be /give PlayerName ItemName Quantity. Everything is case-sensitive, so spaces are needed between names and quantity, as well as all caps (if present, only for names) should be included. Example: /give JoaquinF diamond 50
  • /weather: Using the weather command, players can change the game’s weather by inputting the name of their desire. Example: /weather clear
  • /time: Change the game’s time of day. Example: /time day
  • /tp: Teleport to any point in the map using your X Y & Z coordinates. You can check your coordinates by accessing the Show Coordinates option in the Game Settings menu. Example: /tp 1 1 0
  • /gamemode: Use a space after the command to input any of the available modes for your platform. Currently, Minecraft’s Nintendo Switch version only supports Survival and Creative modes. Example: /gamemode Creative
  • /kill: Use this command alone to kill any spawned entity in the area. If you want to be more accurate on what you are trying to kill, you need to add this to the @e[type=EnemyName] command. Example: /kill @e[type=creeper]

And that is all you need to know about cheats in Minecraft on Nintendo Switch! For more on the block-based world, check out the rest of our content:

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