Best pickaxe enchantments in Minecraft

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Player with a pickaxe and an enchantment table in Minecraft.Mojang

The pickaxe is one of the most efficient tools in Minecraft. Here’s how you can improve using the best pickaxe enchantments in Minecraft.

The pickaxe is your best friend in Minecraft, as it allows you to dig up and procure new blocks, ores, and items. This, in turn, helps you progress through the game and upgrade your armor, weapons, tools, and more. While already a great tool for beating the game, players can vastly improve the abilities of a pickaxe using enchantments.

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You can use enchantments in Minecraft to imbue your tools, weapons, shields, armor, and other gear with special abilities that increase their efficiency. Pickaxe enchantments often allow the tool to provide a greater yield or increase its speed and durability.

Here are the best enchantments you can use with your pickaxe to improve your Minecraft experience.

Minecraft top 5 best enchantments for pickaxe

5. Silk Touch

Silk Touch in Minecraft.Mojang
Silk Touch is a unique enchantment.

Silk Touch is a Minecraft enchantment that drops blocks as themselves instead of the items they usually drop. This allows players to procure the block and store it for later. This is often the case when players want to wait to obtain a higher level of the Fortune enchantment and then mine the block for additional yield.

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4. Fortune

Fortune in Minecraft.Mojang
Fortune can net you tons of loot in Minecraft.

Speaking of Fortune, this Minecraft enchantment is great for maximizing any loot you might find when mining. When applied to your pickaxe, it increases the number of drops from every block it mines.

Fortune has three levels, each of which increases the number of dropped items by 2, 3, and 4 respectively (with a chance for more). Fortune is particularly valuable when mining for diamonds or emeralds.

3. Efficiency

Efficiency in Minecraft.Mojang
Efficiency is a lot of fun to use in Minecraft.

Efficiency increases the mining speed of your pickaxe. It has five enchantment levels with successive boosts in how fast it makes your pickaxe mine. While this means you’ll clear areas and mine blocks faster, it also depletes the durability of your pickaxe at an alarming rate. This is where the Unbreaking enchantment comes in.

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2. Unbreaking

Unbreaking in Minecraft.Mojang
Unbreaking is quite helpful for your tools in Minecraft.

Unbreaking is an enchantment that increases the durability of your pickaxe, thereby allowing you to use it more often before repairing or replacing it. It has three levels, each making your tool stronger and more durable.

1. Mending

Mending in Minecraft.Mojang
Mending is one of the rarest enchantments in Minecraft.

The most valuable enchantment in Minecraft is Mending, and it allows players to use the XP gained by mining, smelting, and defeating mobs to automatically repair their pickaxe. This can essentially increase its durability by a whole lot.

That wraps up the best pickaxe enchantments in Minecraft. For more on Mojang’s sandbox title, check out our other guides:

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