10 Best Minecraft Dungeons weapons

Best weapons in Minecraft Dungeons

You can unlock new enchantments, gear, and weapons upon completing quests in Minecraft Dungeons. You’ll need the strongest weapons in Minecraft Dungeons to help you defeat the end-game bosses, so here’s a list of the best weapons.

Minecraft Dungeons is a spin-off that doesn’t share a lot of similarities with its sandbox counterpart. While some concepts like enchantments do exist in the dungeon-crawler, the way players are supposed to use them is quite different.

Luckily, this also applies to weapons, as the game changes combat as compared to the original game. Unlike Minecraft, there are hundreds of unique weapons in Minecraft Dungeons, which can be used for Melee or Ranged combat as well as different challenges that require you to switch between weapon types.

So, here’s a list of the best weapons in Minecraft Dungeons to clarify which weapon you should use to defeat mobs, strong bosses, and other unique enemies.

Minecraft Dungeons characters studying a mapMojang
Minecraft Dungeons has several different weapons for you to wield.

Best Melee weapons in Minecraft Dungeons

Melee weapons in Minecraft Dungeons are ideal for close-range combat. They don’t have an ammo requirement but being close to the enemies also means that you must have a strong defense. Melee weapons should help you take down groups of enemies quickly and based on these conditions, the best options are:

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Whispering Spear

The Whispering Spear is a Unique weapon in Minecraft Dungeons that rewards players with long range and a special ability to strike twice. It deals massive damage and the relatively low attack speed shouldn’t be a deal-breaker unless it hampers your playstyle.

Fighter’s Bindings

Fighter’s Bindings isn’t the most versatile weapon in Minecraft Dungeons, but it is easily one of the best for defeating swarms of enemies. The attack speed offered by this gauntlet is outrageously good and it compensates for the low damage.

Whispering Spear and Fighter's Binding in Minecraft DungeonsMojang
The Whispering Spear and Fighter’s Bindings are among the best weapons in Minecraft Legends.

Cursed Axe

Cursed Axe is one of the best damage-dealing melee weapons in Minecraft Dungeons. On top of that, whenever a mob dies due to this axe, it explodes and deals damage to nearby enemies.

The spin attack that you can perform through the Cursed Axe is also powerful and overall, you get tons of AoE damage with it.


Melee weapons in Minecraft Dungeons aren’t great for maintaining your health unless you have the Heartsealer. This Unique weapon takes health from enemies with every hit and heals you.

The attack speed is definitely very slow but the high damage and healing ability make up for it. Lastly, this sword pushes back mobs and makes things really easy.

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Heartsealer and Cursed Axe in Minecraft DungeonsMojang
The Heartsealer and Cursed Axe can be quite lethal in Minecraft Dungeons.

Grave Bane

Another Unique weapon with one of the highest damage outputs in Minecraft Dungeons is Grave Bane. In addition to the fierce DPS, the AoE provided by this Polearm is brilliant and you won’t struggle while dealing with groups of enemies.

Considering the abundance of Undead enemies in Minecraft Dungeons, Grave Bane’s in-built Smiting enchantment is also highly desirable.

Hammer of Gravity

Hammer of Gravity in Minecraft Dungeons makes fights with swarms of enemies a walk in the park. The Power and AoE damage are high enough to wipe out multiple mobs at once and the only downside is the attack speed.

The Splash Attack increases the range of the Hammer of Gravity and it is a must-use melee weapon in the game.

Grave Bane and Hammer of Gravity in Minecraft DungeonsMojang
The Grave Bane and Hammer of Gravity are powerful weapons in Minecraft Dungeons.

Best ranged weapons in Minecraft Dungeons

Ranged weapons in Minecraft Dungeons are safer but they have an ammo requirement. Running out of ammo makes these weapons useless but with proper planning, you can defeat the likes of Redstone Golem easily with them.

These are the best Ranged weapons in Minecraft Dungeons:

Harp Crossbow

The Harp Crossbow in Minecraft Dungeons shoots five projectiles at once and deals immense damage with each shot. As a result, it can replicate a melee weapon with high AoE damage. You won’t get any additional effects with this bow but because it makes fighting against swarms easier, we’ve put it on this list.

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Elite Power Bow

As the name suggests, the Elite Power Bow in Minecraft Dungeons has high damage and even higher charged-attack damage. This lets you use it as a sniper. If you want to one-shot enemies from a safe range, the Elite Power Bow should be your go-to weapon.

Harp Crossbow and Elite Power Bow in Minecraft DungeonsMojang
The Harp Crossbow and Elite Power Bow are some of the best ranged weapons in Minecraft Dungeons

Imploding Crossbow

If you’re a fan of playing Minecraft Dungeons with your friends, equipping the Imploding Crossbow is a brilliant strategy. Instead of pushing back mobs, this bow pulls them close and teammates with melee weapons can easily make the most of it.

Alongside these tactical advantages, the Imploding Crossbow deals tremendous damage so putting it on this list was a no-brainer.

Bow of Lost Souls

Bow of Lost Souls in Minecraft Dungeons has almost perfectly balanced Power, Speed, and Ammo stats but it majorly excels in Soul Gathering. You require souls to power up artifacts and this is arguably the best soul-collecting weapon in the game.

The standard shots by a Bow of Lost Souls have a +2 Soul Gathering effect. Moreover, the weapon can multishot and each of these shots carry the same effect. This explains why this bow is so efficient in collecting souls.

Imploding Crossbow and Bow of Lost Souls in Minecraft DungeonsMojang
The Imploding Crossbow and Bow of Lost Souls are fun yet strong weapons in Minecraft Dungeons.

That’s everything to know about the best weapons in Minecraft Dungeons. For more Minecraft content, make sure to check out our guides below:

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