Madden 24: How to celebrate & taunt

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Arizona Cardinals DeAndre Hopkins in Madden 24

Celebrations play a crucial role in all sports-sims, and Madden 24 gives players of creatives ways to celebrate. Here’s a guide explaining how to celebrate and taunt in Madden 24.

We are getting closer to the official release of Madden 24. Gradually, we are learning new details about the new EA Sports installment, such as the best camera settings and the highest-rated teams to play in the H2H mode.

For some players, the celebrations in Madden 24 after a touchdown are almost as important as the playbook itself. Additionally, some players choose to taunt their opponents after scoring a touchdown. If you are an experienced Madden player, you have probably done it.

However, if you are just starting and want to learn, here’s how to celebrate after each touchdown in Madden 24.

How to celebrate in Madden 24

To celebrate in Madden 24, you will need to enter a specific prompt after or just moments before a touchdown.

There are three types of celebrations in Madden 24: team celebrations, individual player celebrations, and taunt celebrations.

Marvin Jones Jr. celebrating in Madden 24
You can perform easy celebrations and taunt your opponent in Madden 24.

To perform a team celebration in Madden 24, once your player enters the end zone, you need to press the right stick to the right, and the team will perform fun dances. Additionally, if you press the right stick to the left, you can perform signature celebrations with the team.

For individual celebrations, you simply need to hold down L2 / LT and move the right stick in the direction of the celebration you want your player to perform.

Finally, to perform celebration runs and thus taunt your rival, you need to hold down L2+R2 (LT+RT on Xbox) and then press and hold X/A. This way, your player will celebrate as they approach the end zone.

However, you must be aware that taunting while executing the celebration runs will significantly lower your player’s speed, which could jeopardize the play and expose them to a possible tackle. Therefore, you need to be careful and choose the best moment to perform the taunt.

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