All Madden 24 editions: Prices & content

Buffalo Bills squad in Madden 24EA Sports

Madden 24 was officially released on August 18, and this new EA Sports installment has two editions to choose from. If you’re struggling to decide which edition is best for you, here’s a comprehensive guide with all the details you need to know, including each Madden 24 edition’s content and prices.

The Madden 24’s devs have already provided a plethora of details about the new features present in the game, as well as some in-depth insights into the classic Franchise Mode of Madden 24 and the popular Madden Ultimate Team.

Furthermore, EA Sports revealed that Madden 24 is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. Thousands of players are already enjoying the new Madden 24 and each of its new features on different available platforms. However, if you still have doubts about which Madden 24 edition is the best option, check out this guide.

To help you in your decision, we’ll go through all the details of each Madden 24 edition, including all prices and content.

Josh Allen Madden 24 coverEA Sports
Josh Allen is one of the highest-rated Quarterbacks in the game.

Madden NFL 24: Standard Edition price & content

The standard edition of Madden 24 includes the base game and the Dual Entitlement, allowing players to enjoy the traditional game modes in the last and current-gen consoles. The cost of this edition is $69.99/£69.99. However, if you are an EA Play subscriber, you can get a 10-hour game trial.

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Madden NFL 24: Deluxe Edition price & content

The Deluxe Edition of Madden 24 cost an additional $30, bringing the total to $99.99/£99.99. The Deluxe edition comes with the base game, the Dual Entitlement feature, and an amount of 4600 Madden Points to start Madden Ultimate Team in the best possible way.

Once again, if you are an EA Play subscriber, you can get a 10-hour game trial.

Madden NFL 24 Josh AllenEA Sports
Buffalo Bills’ Quarterback Josh Allen is the Deluxe Edition cover athlete.

That’s all you need to know about Madden 24 editions, prices, and content. For more about the new EA Sports installment, check out our other related game guides:

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