Best Madden 24 camera settings: Offensive, defensive, and Superstar cam

Franco Diaz
Dallas Cowboys defense intercepting a pass in Madden 24

Having the best camera settings in Madden 24 will help you win multiple games as it will assist you in seeing the best passing options. Check out the best Madden 24 camera settings for offensive and defensive plays, as well as for the Superstar Mode.

Camera settings in sports simulators like Madden 24 are as important as knowing your favorite Offensive or Defensive Playbooks. Having the best possible view to decide whether to throw a pass to your Wide Receiver or rush with your Quarterback will determine the outcome of the play.

The default camera settings in Madden 24 aim to provide a clear gameplay experience, featuring a behind-the-line view with a wide perspective of the opposing field. However, this may not suit everyone’s preferences. So here are our recommendations for the best camera settings in Madden 24.

Tyreek Hill in Madden 24
The best camera setting will determine if an offensive play finishes in the end zone or the hands of the opponent’s defense.

Best camera settings in Madden 24

For offensive situations in Madden 24, we recommend using the Wide camera setting. This way, you can see the entire field. So, when your Quarterback receives the ball, you will be able to choose the best offensive option.

For defensive plays, the best option is to use the Defensive Perspective. With this POV, you will be able to see your defensive line from behind, observing your opponent’s movements.

Depending on whether you are on an offensive or defensive play, you need to take into account different factors, such as whether the Wide Receiver managed to get open. That’s why we also recommend activating the Camera Toggle from the settings menu.

How to enable Camera Toggle in Madden 24

In Madden 24, the Camera Toggle is a useful tool that allows you to switch between different cameras using the D-Pad on your controller – or using Page Up/Page Down for PC players. To activate Camera Toggle, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Madden 24 and go over the Settings menu.
  2. Go over the Visual Feedback tab
  3. On the Cameras menu turn ON the ‘Camera Toggle‘ option.

By enabling this, you’ll be able to change the camera angle with the D-Pad as needed.

Indianapolis Colts Linebacker Shaquille Leonard in Madden 24.
The Defensive Perspective is the best option to see your opponent’s next move.

Best camera setting for Madden 24 Superstar mode

If your favorite Madden 24 game mode is Superstar, we suggest selecting the Superstar Wide camera setting. This way, you’ll have a broader view of everything happening around your player.

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