How to do Cole Palmer celebration in EA FC 24

Franco Diaz
Cole Palmer in EA FC 24

EA Sports brings Cole Palmer’s iconic celebration to EA FC 24, and here’s everything you need to know, including how to perform the celebration.

EA FC 24 features iconic celebrations from the world’s biggest names, such as Diogo Jota’s Triangle, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Siu, and even Jude Bellingham’s celebration added in the Spring Update.

The Euro 2024 Update has already arrived at EA FC 24, and among the most prominent features, the Cole Palmer’s classic celebration stands out.

Here’s how you can celebrate like Cole Palmer in EA FC 24.

EA FC 24: How to perform Cole Palmer Ice Cold celebration

Cole Palmer’s celebration arrived in EA FC 24 on June 6, and to perform this celebration, players will only need to press X/A after scoring with Palmer.

If you want to perform the Ice Cold celebration with your favorite player, the devs have confirmed that you can unlock Palmer’s celebration as a reward in the Ultimate Team Season 7 Festival of Football ladder.

How to unlock Cole Palmer Celebration in EA FC 24

To unlock the Cold celebration in EA FC 24, you need to reach level 20 in the Season 7 Pass.

To do this, you need to accumulate 20,000 XP, which you can earn by completing the Seasonal Objectives. You’ll then be able to celebrate like Cole Palmer in all Ultimate Team modes.

Palmer shared that the celebration was inspired by his nickname “Cold.” In a video, he confessed that after seeing the nickname given to him by Chelsea fans, he came up with the idea for the celebration. Now, every time he scores, he’ll celebrate that way both on the pitch and in EA FC 24.

That’s everything you need to know on how to celebrate like Cole Palmer in EA FC 24. Remember this celebration will be available in all EA FC 24 game modes including Kick-Off, Ultimate Team, and Career Mode.

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