All EA College Football 25 celebrations – Moves & controls

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Player pointing to the crowd in EA College Football 25

EA College Football 25 is shaping up to be worth the 11-year wait. From the various game modes to new gameplay features such as Wear & Tear, there’s plenty for NCAA fans to be excited about. The upcoming title will also feature a selection of celebrations to try out

If you’re looking to seal every touchdown in style, here are all the celebrations in CFB25.

Every celebration in College Football 25

CelebrationPS5 controlsXbox controls
TD: VibesPull Right Stick upPull Right Stick up
TD: Shoot the ArrowPull Right Stick rightPull Right Stick right
TD: JackedPull Right Stick downPull Right Stick down
TD: Ice in my veinsPull Right Stick leftPull Right Stick left
TD: Tiger SwagFlick Right Stick up + L2Flick Right Stick up + LT
TD: I Can’t Hear YouFlick Right Stick right + L2Flick Right Stick right + LT
TD: The KingFlick Right Stick down + L2Flick Right Stick down + LT
TD: Strike a PoseFlick Right Stick left + L2Flick Right Stick left + LT
TD: Who CaresFlick Right Stick up + L1Flick Right Stick up + LB
TD: Cross UpFlick Right Stick right + L1Flick Right Stick right + LB
TD: It’s TimeFlick Right Stick down + L1Flick Right Stick down + LB
TD: Head SwagFlick Right Stick left + L1Flick Right Stick left + LB
TD: Wave GoodbyeFlick Right Stick up + R2Flick Right Stick up + RT
TD: Little BabyFlick Right Stick right + R2Flick Right Stick right + RT
TD: On his headFlick Right Stick down + R2Flick Right Stick down + RT
TD: Put em to sleepFlick Right Stick left + R2Flick Right Stick left + RT
TD: Point to fansFlick Right Stick up + R1Flick Right Stick up + RB
TD: Come at me broFlick Right Stick right + R1Flick Right Stick right + RB
TD: Mic DropFlick Right Stick down + R1Flick Right Stick down + RB
TD: Salute or Show The Ice (Colorado only)Flick Right Stick left + R1Flick Right Stick left + RB
First Down: Signal ItPull Right Stick upPull Right Stick up
First Down: Touch em up Pull Right Stick rightPull Right Stick right
First Down: JackedPull Right Stick downPull Right Stick down
First Down: Shake it offPull Right Stick leftPull Right Stick left
INT: Wave GoodbyePull Right Stick upPull Right Stick up
INT: Why you throwing my wayPull Right Stick rightPull Right Stick right
INT: StrappedPull Right Stick downPull Right Stick down
INT: Head SwagPull Right Stick leftPull Right Stick left

From Shedeur Sanders’ watch flex to the viral sensation that is the Squabble, CFB25 has a strong variety of celebrations. While this is the full list of celebrations revealed during the Gameplay First Look, the devs could always add more after release.

How to celebrate in CFB25

Scoring a Touchdown in CFB25
Make sure to put in the correct inputs.

To celebrate, players will have to correctly input the controls for any of the celebrations listed above after scoring a Touchdown, getting a First Down, or winning an Interception. There’s a small window to execute celebrations and the game will notify you about it as an option to ‘Celebrate’ will pop up on the screen.

There are dedicated celebrations for all three actions, and moves like ‘Salute or Show The Ice’ are exclusive to specific teams.

With the game’s release on the horizon, make sure you’re prepared to jump in on day one by checking out our pre-order guide. But if the wait feels too long, here’s how you can play the game early.

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