JGOD explains why you’re playing Vondel “wrong” in Warzone 2 & reveals how to win

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone 2 operator shooting on vondel

JGOD has shared his thoughts on how to succeed on Warzone 2’s new Vondel map in Season 4, after letting players know that they’ve been playing the map “wrong.”

Warzone 2 Season 4 introduced players to Vondel, which provides a very different map experience to Ashika Island or Al Mazrah.

While using the meta guns such as the ISO 45 and Lachmann-556 will of course help you win games on Vondel, knowing the map and how to play it is also vital to success in Warzone 2.

Despite being out for some time now, some are still not too sure of the best strategy and tactics on Vondel. Luckily, Call of Duty content creator JGOD has shared some tips for success on Vondel, after claiming some are playing the map “wrong.”

In his July 4 YouTube video, JGOD offered advice on how to be effective on Vondel while spectating players in Duos. After he said that he often sees a lot of comments about rooftop camping on Vondel, JGOD quickly explained that it’s because the rooftops “are the dimension you should be hanging out on.”

Essentially, the YouTuber claims that the rooftops in Vondel are the main level of the map and that players “shouldn’t be on the ground, you should literally be moving from rooftop to rooftop,” think of it like the “floor is lava.”

JGOD continued, as he said that once you “realize that the map plays better that way,” you’ll notice that players aren’t “camping rooftops, they’re just playing the map the right way, and you’ve probably been playing it wrong.”

“Most of your playtime (on Vondel) should be on the roofs,” said JGOD, and if you haven’t been doing that you have been reducing your chances of success on the new Warzone 2 Season 4 map.

So, if you’re a player who hasn’t been taking advantage of the rooftops on Vondel, or you just haven’t been enjoying the map due to a lack of wins, definitely keep this advice in mind and try sticking to the rooftops.

So there you have it, that’s JGOD’s best advice for success on Warzone 2’s Vondel. For more, make sure you check out how to play the Warzone 2 Elimination Challenge and the best Battle Rifles in the game.

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