Insane glitch gives player an instant Warzone victory

Nicholas Sakadelis

A crazy glitch has resulted in the quickest victory ever recorded for a lucky Warzone player.

Call of Duty: Warzone is a game about survival, skill, and positioning. It requires patience and strong game knowledge to properly succeed, on top of teammates who are willing to communicate and coordinate.

That is unless you’re Redditor u/gencaykurtt, who managed to get a Warzone win equivalent to a participation trophy, by simply dropping into a game. Yes, you heard that right. He won the game before even landing.

The bizarre bug in question seems to have ended the entire game seconds before it began, rewarding a player with a Warzone victory as their squad flew in, presumably ending the game for the other 147 players. Don’t believe us? You can check out the clip below for yourself.

We can’t seem to figure out exactly what happened in this clip, besides assuming the game simply got canceled for no reason. We checked to see if the video was edited, but the spam of voice communication at the end of the game, mixed with the 0 squad kills and damage convinced us.

Currently, there are no other cases of this bug existing, so you can rest well knowing this most likely isn’t one of the several game-breaking bugs you can run into during Warzone, like the stim glitch.

Out of every bug we’ve seen so far, this is the most unique and hilarious one so far. We’d like to think it isn’t that game-breaking since it only occurs within the first few seconds of a game, and not in the middle of one.

Regardless, it looks like we have yet another bizarre bug to add to the Warzone glitch circus. Who knows what we’ll find next.