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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

How to get Nebula V Ammo Field Upgrade in Warzone Pacific Season 2

Warzone Pacific Season 2 has brought powerful new Nebula V Ammo, so here’s what it does and how to get your hands on it.



Warzone player and nebula v gas rounds

Raven Software introduced a brand-new Field Upgrade to Warzone Pacific Season 2 – the Nebula V Ammo. These bullets contain the same gas that makes up Caldera’s ever-closing circle, so here’s how to fit them in your weapons in Season 2.

Warzone Pacific Season 2 is here, bringing a ton of welcome changes to Call of Duty’s battle royale. Alongside 30 highly sought-after quality of life changes, Raven Software introduced new POIs and Redeploy Balloons to help you navigate Caldera’s steep slopes.

As Caldera becomes a manufacturing plant for the lethal Nebula V Gas that forms the circle, players can find Nebula V Ammo to load into their weapons. Here’s what this new Field Upgrade does, and how to get your hands on it.

What does Warzone’s Nebula V Rounds do?

Nebula V Gas rounds in Warzone Pacific

Warzone’s Nebula V Ammo is a Field Upgrade similar to Stopping Power Rounds and makes players downed by it emit a cloud of poisonous gas.

Simply load the Nebula V bullets in your gun by pressing the Field Upgrade button, and you’ll notice that any enemy you down will billow green gas. This gas acts the same as the ever-closing ring, blurring nearby players’ vision, forcing them to cough, and dealing a small amount of damage.

How much of an effect the Nebula V Ammo will have on Warzone remains to be seen, but there’s no downside to equipping it when found.

How to get Nebula V Rounds in Warzone Pacific

Chemical weapons research lab in Warzone Pacific

As Nebula V Ammo is a Field Upgrade, it can be “found in extremely small quantities around Caldera.”

The Nebula V Ammo can be found in a wide variety of places such as chests, floor loot, and Supply Drops. However, your best bet is heading to the new underground Chemical Weapon Research Labs.

The Call of Duty blog explains that these new locations offer “phenomenal Loadout items, which may include Gas Masks and Nebula V Ammo.” But, there’s only one way out, so be mindful of players camping the exit.

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Image Credit: Activision