What is Squad Rage in Warzone? Season 3 Field Upgrade explained

Luca Di Marzo
Warzone Operator diving Rebirth Island

Warzone Season 3 is introducing the Squad Rage Field Upgrade alongside a dizzying amount of new features with the returning Rebirth island, so here’s what you need to know about the new Equipment.

The Warzone devs are going above and beyond with the Season 3 update set to reintroduce the popular Rebirth Island map, alongside a ton of new features like the Spy Drones contract and Biometric Scanners.

In addition, the Squad Rage Field Upgrade will make its way to Warzone in Season 3, so let’s find out exactly what it does.

Warzone Rebirth Island Squad Rage explained

Squad Rage Warzone Field Upgrade
Squad Rage will be exclusive to Rebirth Island following its debut.

Squad Rage is a new Field Upgrade in Warzone Season 3 that grants the player who activates it and nearby allies the effects of Battle Rage.

Once activated, Warzone’s Squad Rage Field Upgrade provides resistance to enemy Tacticals, infinite Tactical Sprint, and increased health and regeneration for a limited duration. In addition, the Field Upgrade also temporarily vaporizes any harmful gas from the Rebirth Island circle.

As the image above reveals, your teammates must be within Squad Rage’s deployed area of effect to receive the Field Upgrade’s benefits. The new feature takes the Battle Rage Field Upgrade, expands its radius, and allows for all nearby members of a squad to benefit.

Squad Rage is a new addition to Warzone in Season 3 and it is exclusive to the Rebirth Island map for the time being. Given Rebirth Island’s tight spaces, it’s common for squads to group up, making the effects of Squad Rage incredibly valuable when taking on an enemy team.

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