New Halo Infinite leak claims popular Warzone mode could return

Nathan Warby
Halo player fighting a boss in Warzone

The hype surrounding Halo Infinite continues to grow as new snippets of information are released. And if the latest leak is to be believed, the fan-favorite Warzone mode looks to be making a return, much to the joy of long-time players.

There’s no doubt that Halo Infinite is one of 2021’s most-anticipated releases and the recent announcement that it will launch without Forge or co-op Campaign has done little to kill the buzz.

While no official release date has been announced, we’ve still seen plenty of leaks giving little pieces of information, from the inclusion of a battle pass to the expected size of the download. The most recent leak will prove to be one of the most exciting for fans of the series, as the popular Warzone mode looks set to return.

Halo Infinite characters standing in a line

Warzone was one of the most popular game modes added to Halo 5: Guardians by 343. Featuring large-scale combat with a series of objectives, it was seen by fans as a welcome change of pace to the usual arena-shooter modes the series is known for.

Screenshots posted to Reddit by a data-miner seemed to list a number of modes and objectives relating to Halo Infinite’s multiplayer. In it, the word Warzone is featured on two separate occasions.

The first simply refers to the mode itself, while the second mentions Warzone “Olympus.” It’s unclear at this time whether or not Olympus is a variant of the mode, similar to Warzone Assault, or a map it will take place on.

In response to the leak, fans began speculating if Warzone would be part of the launch line-up. Given the scale of the mode’s maps and objectives, and 343’s decision to launch without features like Forge, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the popular game type added at a later date.

Either way, fans will be excited to see the return of one of Halo 5’s most loved modes if and when it comes.

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Image credits: 343 Industries

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