Warzone leak claims unlimited Tac Sprint returns with Black Ops 6 but there’s a catch

Nathan Warby
Warzone player sprinting

A new Warzone leak has revealed that unlimited Tactical Sprint will finally return to the game when it integrates with Black Ops 6 in 2024, but it still won’t work like it did back in the Verdansk days.

According to a report from ‘BobNetworkUK’ on X, unlimited Tac Sprint will be tied to a Perk in the era of the battle royale. This means that you’ll have to equip it as part of your loadout, or loot it, to be able to sprint infinitely without having to stop and recharge a stamina bar.

If the leak turns out to be true, it’ll be another step towards the movement that fans remember from the original Warzone on Verdnansk. During this time, all players had unlimited Tac Sprint as standard, without the need to use a Perk.

The feature was then removed with the launch of Warzone 2.0, but the devs have experimented with its return already.

It was one of the powerups earned by collecting Gummies in the High Trip Resurgence LTM, before the Season 4 update introduced Tactical Sprint Boots, an item that unlocks unlimited Tac Sprint but can only be found in Bunkers.

These trial runs have been well-received, with many players calling for it to return as a standard feature, but the devs reportedly feel that it would work better as an optional Perk.

Only time will tell what this means for Double Time, a Perk that increases the duration of Tactical Sprint in the current game. The introduction of an unlimited Tac Sprint Perk could see it moved to a different slot or removed altogether.

Based on previous launches, Black Ops 6 will integrate with Warzone during Season 1, which tends to arrive around early December. At this point, all of the game’s weapons will be introduced to the battle royale, alongside all the MW3 and MW2 content that carries forward.