Warzone players fear long-awaited Kar98k return will “flop”

Nathan Warby
Warzone player using Kar98k

The iconic Kar98k is officially returning to Warzone as part of the Season 4 update, but players are begging the devs not to spoil the comeback by tampering with the weapon too much.

Warzone Season 4 is set to arrive on May 29, bringing a fresh Battle Pass and a number of high-profile crossovers if leaks are to be believed. But, the announcement players have been highly anticipating is the long-awaited return of the Kar98k.

The iconic bolt-action rifle dominated the Verdansk era of Warzone and has become one of the most infamous guns in CoD history. Now, the devs have confirmed that it will make a comeback in the Season 4 teaser trailer.

However, although many players are excited to relive the memories, others are worried that it won’t live up to the hype. With this in mind, players are desperate for Season 4 to bring back the original version of the weapon so they can snipe like it’s 2020 again.

“I hope it ain’t the vanguard one that’s all I’m saying,” said one player on X, while another said: “Give us the one everyone wants lol why disappoint? But wouldn’t be surprising.”

The MW2019 Kar is seen as the better of the two because it used modern attachments and was classed as a Marksman Rifle, so it came with extra aim assist that made hitting headshots a breeze. However, since Sledgehammer Games developed Vanguard, many are worried it will actually be the Sniper Rifle version.

Other players have also expressed concerns that the Kar98k might be a brand-new variant with different stats, so they’ve revealed what it needs to do to recapture the magic. CoD expert IceManIsaac shared a post claiming the rifle will “flop” if it can’t one-shot with a headshot or if it’s too heavy to use.

“‘I’m excited, but the KAR98K was known for its snappy feel. Don’t make it like our other snipers please,” he added.

Plenty of other players agreed with the YouTuber, arguing that being able to one-shot enemies will make or break the weapon’s comeback.

“The gun could be f****g purple as long as it one-shot headshots and has a similar ads and fire rate,” said one response, while another added: “Tbh if it’s not going to be [one-shot] then don’t bother bringing it back. Snipers should one-shot at least 100m at least.”

We’ll have to wait for Warzone Season 4 to arrive on May 24 to see exactly how the Kar98k fairs, but players will be hoping it instantly becomes a meta Sniper Rifle once again.