Halo Infinite dev teases stronger anti-cheat to fix hacking problem

Hamza Khalid
Halo Infinite Spartan

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta has been facing a major problem with cheaters, and now one of the developers has promised more anti-cheat measures for the game.

There is plenty of fun content in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta that has been generally well-received. However, the game has a few issues like the glitch that de-ranks players after wins and a rampant cheater problem.

Many players are concerned that the cheater situation might be worse than Warzone’s so they’ve been calling for 343 Industries to make some changes. Now, one dev has teased an anti-cheat system for the game.

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Spartans in Halo Infinite multiplayer

According to a tweet from Halo Infinite’s creative lead, Joseph Staten, we’ll see the arrival of some more anti-cheat measures in the game. This means that the developers are aware of the situation.

“We have more anti-cheat measures in the pipeline,” tweeted Staten. “In the meantime, please use this link to report bad actors. The banhammer is unlimbered and ready for action.”

With Warzone receiving the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat in the Pacific launch, Halo Infinite fans have been hoping for something similar. This new announcement means that players might finally be getting what they asked for.

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However, we don’t have many details about what this entails and when these anti-cheat measures will be implemented.

While Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta currently doesn’t have a “Report Player” feature, you can file reports against cheaters on the game’s support website, preferably with video evidence.

Hopefully, the game’s anti-cheat measures will prevent its cheater situation from becoming as bad as Warzone’s. We’ll keep checking for any more developments regarding this and will be sure to update you.

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Image Credit: 343 Industries

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