Halo Infinite fans desperate for the return of classic feature

Andrew Highton
Players fighting in Halo Infinite

Fans have been relishing the return to form for Halo and whilst there is a lot to love about Halo Infinite’s free Multiplayer, fans are keen for 343 Industries to bring back a feature from previous games.

The shock launch of Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer has gone down a treat in the gaming community as the legendary first-person shooter franchise is back with a bang.

Fans and newcomers are lapping up the smooth gameplay across a variety of maps, and despite some issues with the game’s Battle Pass and XP System, they are enjoying Season 1.

However, cosmetics have been a big thing during the game’s first season, and players who’ve been able to unlock armor, or buy it, feel that proper lobbies should be included to show it off better.

halo infinite matchmaking screen

Halo Infinite Season 1 is technically a Beta, which could explain why it’s not launched with a fully-fledged lobby system, allowing players to see everyone else, their ranks, and their avatars.

On the Halo subreddit, user jakeholz said: “I wish there was a lobby so I could see other people’s Spartans.”

At present, players can queue into a match, but it will just show a basic match screen, and a full lobby screen showing every player, their rank, and a chance to see their outfit are all absent.

One commenter had strong words to say on the subject matter: “Makes no sense to have customization around your name with backdrops and stuff if nobody else can even see them lol. This game has a gorgeous exterior, but everything inside seems to just get more and more ugly as days go on.”

The post also has an attached screenshot from a previous Halo game showing off an example of the type of lobby screen that players are after.

With Halo Infinite still very much in its infancy and expected to have a ton of longevity, we expect 343 Industries to add a ton of features over time, and one will surely be a proper old-school lobby.

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Image Credits: 343 Industries

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