Halo Infinite players furious over Reach armor locked behind “paywall”

Hamza Khalid
Halo Spartan Armor

Halo Infinite contains armor from 2010’s Halo Reach, and fans are furious that they are unable to unlock certain cosmetics from that game because they’re locked behind a “paywall.”

Halo Infinite’s has received an overall positive reception for its core gameplay, but players have not been happy with the “cash-grab” cosmetic unlocks which give them a limited choice of colors at a high cost.

Now, players have discovered an armor from Halo Reach that can only be accessed by spending money on the premium battle pass. This has led to some backlash from the Halo community.

Halo Infinite spartans holding weapons

Reddit user DwP820 highlighted this issue in the Halo subreddit. Season 1: Heroes of Reach is meant to let players unlock cosmetics from the 2010 Halo title, but the only way to get them is by spending money.

“My favorite Reach shoulders, and now I can’t get them,” said the Redditor. “I even bought the stupid battle pass but I see that was a mistake now. It has maybe 10% of the Reach armor on it, the rest I guess we’ll have to shell out even more money.”

Many players expressed their frustration with this in the comments, with one of them claiming that the armor is locked “behind a paywall.” This gives them less freedom to customize their Spartans.

Players were hoping that they would be able to unlock cool new cosmetic looks for their Spartans by simply playing through the Battle Pass. Having to pay to access cosmetics has not sat well with fans.

“Officially killed all hope of getting my Reach kit to actually look like my Reach Spartan,” wrote one user. Halo players recently also criticized the Fracture: Tenrai skin for not being truly free.

At the time of writing, it remains to be seen how 343 Industries will respond to this. They made some major changes to the Battle Pass progression after players complained about it, so they do listen to fan feedback.

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Image Credit: 343 Industries

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