Dr Disrespect explains why Halo Infinite needs battle royale to survive

Hamza Khalid
Dr Disrespect and Halo spartan

Dr Disrespect has been enjoying Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, but is still hoping that the developers are working on a battle royale since he believes the game needs it to survive.

Halo Infinite has a ton of content to enjoy, and the multiplayer provides some truly intense combat. Popular streamer Dr Disrespect has given it great praise, claiming that it’s almost incredible.

However, he also stated that for the game to compete against titles like Apex Legends and Fortnite then it needs a battle royale mode. Now, he’s once again emphasizing the importance of that feature.

White Halo Infinite spartan armor

Dr Disrespect talked about how he’s been enjoying Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, and he’s generally pleased with the game so far. However, he still feels that the game will need some major changes soon.

“It’s crazy to think about how good the game could be, ” he stated. “Massive potential. I really think it must have one. That is where the game needs to start heading, soon.”

He then brought up how Halo Infinite’s open-world design would suit a battle royale perfectly. The developers could fit all the different maps together into a single battlefield, letting players duke it out in one big area.

“Lord. Think about the space that you’d be jumping into, you’ll fight in,” the Doc explained. “You could fly through it. Halo has always had a nice big ring. Start the game in a spacecraft, land on the ring. Close in that circle on either end. It’s all right there.”

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Dr Disrespect came up with various different suggestions for how the devs could introduce a great battle royale map in Halo Infinite. He claimed that older multiplayer maps had great layouts and rich stories.

“Not just the layouts of maps, but the fictions of all these famous maps too,” he said. “The stories there are just so rich. Then put all these maps together, combine them on a massive scale.”

Doc was so thrilled by this prospect that he even offered to help make the game. “I’d love to design that,” he excitedly stated. “I could put my multi-million dollar streaming career on hold. I’m willing to do it, 343, ask for my resume.”

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