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Halo Infinite players find hilarious Craig Easter Egg

Halo Infinite players have found an interesting looking rock that may reference a memed character from the 2020 trailer.



Halo Infinite players believe they have discovered a new easter egg that refers to a surprise fan-favorite character.

Halo Infinite‘s Multiplayer has been out for some time now, but the Campaign only dropped on December 8.

The Halo campaigns have always been known for having a cracking story, great gameplay, and cinematic moments. As well as this, dedicated players will also feel Halo is great at implementing easter eggs for fans, and this new one is hilarious.

craig halo infinite easter egg

Halo’s Multiplayer maps have a bunch of easter eggs and secrets that players have been finding since release.

However, since the Campaign was only released on December 8, new easter eggs and references are still being found in Halo Infinite.

Thanks to Reddit user Chattering Bone, a suspicious-looking rock in one of the missions may be a reference to Craig the Brute from the 2020 Halo Infinite trailer.

Craig has only appeared in this trailer and has no other significant role in the Halo universe. However, fans seemed to love his short appearance in the trailer so much that he became a meme, mostly due to the poor graphic quality during a close-up of his model.

Since Craig was taken down by Master Chief in the 2020 trailer, he seems to have become a Legend, traveling the universe with a band and also having his own rock formation.

Player reactions to this rock are great, as it seems players appreciate the easter egg. One comment read: “That’s funny as hell. im gonna have to swing by craig rock at some point l, tour the area and drop my bag on his head a few times.”

Another player gave a very insightful comment as well, claiming that it “makes sense as Craig is a name derived from the Gaelic word for rock/crag.”

It’s great that 343 Industries have put so much time and effort into little things like this, as it’s these easter eggs and secrets that make the dedicated players and community happy.

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Image Credits: 343 Industries