Dr Disrespect reveals simple reason Apex is beating Warzone 2

Joseph Pascoulis
dr disrespect with warzone 2 operator dropping into ashika island

Dr Disrespect is notorious for his feelings towards the current state of Warzone 2 and Call of Duty in general, and now he has revealed a vital aspect in which Apex Legends is beating Activision’s battle royale.

Both Warzone 2 and Apex Legends are popular free-to-play battle royale games that offer vastly different experiences. Popular streamer Dr Disrespect often plays both of the titles, but he tends to be more negative when it comes to Warzone 2.

The 2x Champion has made his feelings towards Warzone 2 well-known, even criticizing Season 3 Reloaded‘s introduction of Ranked Play, which he felt the game desperately needed at launch.

The streamer has compared Warzone 2 to Apex Legends in the past, but this time he reveals one key advantage Respawn’s battle royale has over Call of Duty’s.

During a recent stream, Dr Disrespect pointed out a “separation fact” between Call of Duty and Apex Legends, which turns out to be the speed at which you get into a game, and the energy that the game provides when doing so.

The Doc said, “this is the problem, this is the separation fact right there that I think Call of Duty is just missing these days, the ability to get into a game and the speed at which you get into a game.”

The streamer continued by saying “it’s always been bop, bop, boom, you’re in and then it loads in, and then boom you’re in. Apex, I’m click click, pick your character, its intense, music is dominating, VFX, sound effects, I’m being thrown into a game…energy is what it is. This game, when I get into it, just feel the lack of energy.”

Clearly, Dr Disrespect feels that it’s more exciting and faster to get into a game of Apex Legends than Warzone 2, believing it is a key aspect to the overall experience.

Dr Disrespct continues to play Warzone 2 Ranked Play despite his criticisms, but perhaps he will lean more into the new Apex Legends ranked system introduced in Season 17 if things don’t improve.