Dr Disrespect explains why he won’t be streaming Gray Zone Warfare

Max Candelarezi
Dr Disrespect on stream

Despite Gray Zone Warfare captivating a ton of FPS fans in a short time since launch, Dr Disrespect shared why he won’t be streaming Madfinger Games’ tactical shooter.

Since its release, Gray Zone Warfare has caused a buzz among the FPS community, attracting plenty of players who have since jumped into the tactical experience. Due to its similarities with other tactical shooter titles like Escape from Tarkov, many content creators decided to jump in and delve into the new experience from Madfinger Games.

Given its popularity, Dr Disrespect‘s community asked if the streamer had any intentions of trying out Gray Zone Warfare. Dr Disrespect is well known for dabbling with games that share a similar look and feel to GZW.

However, the two-time spared no details in his response during a May 8 stream: “There’s not enough there for me to jump over to that game. Right now it’s literally just a bunch of trees.”

Contrary to other popular FPS titles, Gray Zone Warfare‘s gameplay isn’t fast-paced and follows a similar loop to Arena Breakout: Infinite, which is the game Dr Disrespect has been streaming lately.

Gray Zone Warfare requires players to strategically approach the battleground and tackle different tasks and missions, with plenty of content to discover. However, this might not be enough for Dr Disrespect, who added, “I’ve seen plenty of gameplay, lots of walking around. The gameplay loop to me doesn’t look great right now.”

He clarified that there’s still a chance he could jump into the game and eventually stream it, but it needs to “get to a point where it does [look great]” for him.

With tactical FPS games on the rise, and Madfinger Games being praised for their response to community feedback, they could be quick to make changes to the game.

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