Dr Disrespect mocked by fans after raging at glitch in his own game

Joseph Pascoulis
dr disrespect with deadrop in the background

Dr Disrespect isn’t known for having the coolest of heads when it comes to gaming, and the popular streamer is now being roasted after raging at his own game.

Many will know that Dr Disrespect and his development studio, Midnight Society, are working on a brand-new vertical extraction shooter called DEADROP.

The unique shooter will take place in a vertical tower, but there are also some other interesting elements in the game that have taken players by surprise, especially the driving.

The game is early in its development, and Midnight Society have been allowing founders to experience and help build DEADROP through gameplay sequences they’re calling Snapshots.

Snapshot 7 was recently made available for those who purchased an early access key, and so Dr Disrespect played it during his October 23 YouTube livestream.

Dr Disrespect rages at his own game

Dr Disrespect is known for his episodes of rage, especially when playing Call of Duty, so viewers were just waiting for the streamer to burst when playing his own video game for comedic value. Well, during his time playing Snapshot 7 of DEADROP, that’s exactly what happened.

While attempting to attach to a zipline, the Doc fell to his death, causing him to rage as he shouted, “GRAB IT! GRAB IT! GRAB THE F***ING ZIPLINE!”

Dr Disrespect‘s rage at his own game, of course, caused a wider reaction, with many popular community X pages and gaming journalists such as Jake Lucky reporting on the comedic incident.

Under Jake’s X post regarding Dr Disrespect’s DEADROP rage, one comment joked, “whoever coded the zipline is fired,” while another said, “he’s gonna be having a call with the devs after stream.”

A user even said, “he forgot to get that Zipline NFT for rights to access it,” making light of the controversial NFT aspect of DEADROP. In a similar response, another comment said, “Now imagine if the game was as it was sold. You have you $3k p90 and $200 pistol. You just fell and lost all that because of a glitch.”

It’s important to remember that the game is still very early in its development, and issues like the one Dr Disrespect raged at will likely be fixed before its release to the public.

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