Dr Disrespect slams Warzone 2 for catering to “brainless gamers”

Joseph Pascoulis
dr disrespect warzone 2

Herschel ‘Dr Disrespect’ Beahm has yet again quit Warzone 2 in a rage, this time frustrated with the devs, claiming that they cater to “brainless gamers,” creating a game with no skill gap.

Warzone 2 was a massive release for Call of Duty, as it’s the sequel to their extremely popular battle royale which launched alongside their fastest-selling game of all time, Modern Warfare 2.

Players had high hopes for the battle royale, and unfortunately, these high hopes haven’t met expectations for many figureheads in the community, most notably, Dr Disrespect.

The streamer has slammed Warzone 2 ever since it was released, disappointed with the state of the game. Now, in Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded, the Doc continues his criticisms, this time saying that the game caters to “no-skill” players.

After redeploying in a game with ZLaner, Dr Disrespect attempts to land on a Loadout Drop but is eliminated by players keeping a close eye on it from a rooftop. This causes the Doc to rage, saying “so f***ing stupid…look at these dudes man, look at how easy it is for them…there’s no skill in this game.”

The Doc feels that the devs have to “nerf that damage,” after being absolutely destroyed by the RPK, which has been a dominant weapon since release.

The 2x Champion continues later on in the stream, saying the devs are building a game that caters to “brainless gamers,” and that he wouldn’t want to be involved in the development of a game like that. Dr Disrespect says “I’m trying to build a f***ing skill game. Not randomized damage.”

By the end of the stream, Dr Disrespect quit Warzone saying “I’m done with the game…it’s in bad shape, it’s not polished.” Dr Disrespect isn’t the only one with complaints, and with Warzone 2 Season 2 on the horizon, the community is expecting some big changes.

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Image Credits: Activision / Dr Disrespect

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