Dr Disrespect fans baffled as streamer reveals new DEADROP gameplay: “I thought he was making an FPS”

Joseph Pascoulis
deadrop character with vehicle key art

Dr Disrespect fans are eager to find out more about the streamer’s upcoming FPS game, DEADROP. However, the new gameplay revealed by the 2x Champion has fans baffled.

Dr Disrespect fans have been awaiting more news regarding his upcoming extraction shooter with the development studio Midnight Society, titled DEADROP. Every so often new gameplay is shared allowing those with access to experience portions of the game through what devs are calling Snapshots.

The latest Snapshot trailer was revealed by the Doc during his October 18 YouTube stream, which shows a new aspect of DEADROP that players haven’t seen before.

DEADROP‘s Snapshot 7 will feature the driving aspect of the game, as players will have their own customizable vehicles and have to drive towards “The Tower” to start a match of the extraction shooter.

The Tower is where all of the FPS vertical-extraction gameplay will be taking place, but to get there, players will experience a high-speed chase driving sequence where you can shoot and be shot at from the vehicles.

This led to a lot of Dr Disrespect fans being very confused in the comments of ModernWarzone’s X post highlighting the gameplay, as one comment said “bro went from an extraction shooter to a racing game.”

Another agreed, as they commented, “I thought he was making an FPS.” One even pointed out that it reminded them of a classic racing game title with similar gameplay, as they said, “Twisted Metal vibes.”

Despite many questioning why there is “driving in a vertical extraction shooter,” some are embracing it, especially those who know it is only the introduction sequence before entering The Tower.

This is a pretty innovative way to start a match, and it’s something that players haven’t seen before, so we’ll have to wait and see how it’s received once players get their hands on the Snapshot and game at release.

Until then, make sure you also check out everything we know about the upcoming extraction shooter, The Division Heartland.