How to unlock Necromancer Golems in Diablo 4: Types & abilities explained

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Necromancer is still one of the fan-favorite classes in Diablo 4, mainly because they can raise an army of undead. Golems are the last summon this class can unlock, so here’s what you need to know to get one in Diablo 4, including their types and abilities.

Diablo 4 has shown players that there are many ways to make their builds powerful while surviving Sanctuary. Necromancers have quickly become fan favorites since they are quite powerful in single-player, and they can summon a great number of undead allies, such as Golems.

Golems are gigantic minions that provide a direct buff to the players, besides having major destructive power. However, getting them isn’t as straightforward as other summons of the Book of the Dead, so here’s everything you need to know to summon the Necromancer Golem in Diablo 4.

Necromancer gameplay in Diablo 4
Book of the Dead is the unique class specialization feature for the Necromancer in Diablo 4.

How to summon a Golem in Diablo 4

You can unlock Necromancer Golems in Diablo 4 by completing the Call of the Underworld quest. This quest becomes available in the game once your character reaches Level 25.

You can initiate the quest from the Menestad Waypoint located in Sarkova Pass. This place can be found west of Kyovashad in the Fractured Peaks sector of the Sanctuary.

After unlocking the “Summon Golem” skill, you’ll need to assign the spell to your hot bar. Once activated, your Necromancer will be able to summon a Golem that follows them around.

Keep in mind that the first type of Golem you’ll unlock is the Bone Golem at Level 25. Then, you’ll have to be Level 28 to summon the Blood Golem, and Level 32 to raise the Iron Golem.

Types of Necromancer Golems in Diablo 4

There are three different types of Golem you can unlock in Diablo 4. According to Blizzard’s ARPG, these are their descriptions and base abilities:

  • Bone Golem: A horrid protector that taunts enemies, forcing them to attack the Golem.
  • Blood Golem: Drains Life from nearby enemies to heal and bolster itself.
  • Iron Golem: An amalgamation of steel that slams the ground and Stuns enemies

Diablo 4 Necromancer Golems abilities explained

As per the Book of the Dead in Diablo 4, the Necromancer Golems have these capabilities:

  • Active ability: Golems become Unstoppable and drain the blood of enemies in the area, dealing 40% damage and healing 4% of its Life for each enemy drained. Damage and healing received are tripled if only one enemy is drained. The Golems move faster and unhindered through enemies when their Cooldown is activated.
  • Passive ability: Players are protected by a Golem with 165 Life that attack for 21% damage. The Golem absorbs 15% of damage they would take, and recovers Life when attacking.

With a 16-second cooldown period, Golems serve as valuable shields, defending Necromancers against the toughest bosses.

Necromancer in Diablo 4 with minions
The Necromancer class can sacrifice its army summoning abilities for attack boosts.

Diablo 4 Necromancer ability upgrades

Diablo 4 Golems can use the following upgrades:

Bone Golem:

  • Upgrade 1: Each time your Bone Golem takes 20 percent damage to its max health, it sheds a corpse.
  • Upgrade 2: Your Bone Golem gains ten percent Maximum Health, and the amount of Thorns they inherit from you is increased from 30 percent to 50 percent.
  • Sacrifice: Players’ Attack Speed is increased by 10%, but they lose the ability to summon a Golem.

Blood Golem:

  • Upgrade 1: Your Blood Golem absorbs 15 percent of the damage you would take.
  • Upgrade 2: While Healthy, your Blood Golem gains 25 percent Damage Reduction and 50 percent increased damage.
  • Sacrifice: Players’ Maximum Life is increased by 10%, but you lose the ability to summon your Golem.

Iron Golem:

  • Upgrade 1: Every fifth Iron Golem attack causes a shockwave, dealing 238 damage to a group of enemies.
  • Upgrade 2: Your Iron Golem’s Slam attack also makes enemies Vulnerable for three seconds.
  • Sacrifice: Players deal 30 percent extra Critical Strike Damage, but they lose the ability to summon a Golem.

Therefore, Golems are a crucial component of the Necromancer’s summoning skillset, especially valuable during intense Diablo 4 combat situations.

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