Where is the quarry in GTA 5?

Rishabh Sabarwal
GTA V Player Fighting in Quarry

Without a marker or a defined legend, it can get quite tedious to find locations in the vast GTA 5 map. The quarry is one of them, even though it hides in plain sight. Here’s the location of the quarry in GTA 5.

Even though the upcoming GTA 6 is expected to have a much larger map, GTA 5 still has the biggest map out of all Grand Theft Auto titles. This is why reaching an unmarked location can get pretty difficult at times and it can take hours to find it, and the quarry is one of them.

From searching for a hidden bunker to a police station, players have tried everything they can to locate these hotspots and succeeded. A location that players lost track of after numerous attempts is the quarry in GTA 5.

Here’s a quick guide on where can you find the quarry in the vast map of Los Santos.

Trevor in GTA V

Where is the quarry in GTA 5?

The quarry in GTA 5 is located on the far east side of the map at a location called Davis Quartz (the official name of the quarry is the Davis Quartz mining site). It is a mining site located on Senora Way, southeast of Grand Senora Desert in GTA 5 & GTA Online maps.

Although Merryweather patrols the area around the quarry regularly, it would ignore you if you choose to wander about near it. The location makes its first appearance in a GTA 5 story mission called Bail Bonds which is offered by Maude Eccles to Trevor Philips.

In the first part of the mission, players are supposed to find a certain individual called Ralph Ostrowski who will be Trevor’s target and is located at Davis Quartz a.k.a. the quarry. Players would need to travel there and eliminate the target while he’s on the move.

GTA V Quarry Location

Quarry makes another appearance in a GTA Online mission offered to players by Lester which is called Quarry Quarry.

The Davis Quartz Quarry can easily be found once you are familiar with the east side of the Los Santos map and are able to locate the desert. You can also replay any one of the above-mentioned missions to revisit the quarry and make yourselves familiar with one of the underrated locations in GTA 5.

This was everything you had to know about finding the quarry in GTA 5. For more on the game, check out our other guides:

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