Where is the hood in GTA 5?

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Highway in GTA 5 with a helicopter flying on top.Rockstar Games

The hood is quite a prominent location in GTA 5 and GTA Online and you should definitely visit it to go down memory lane. Here are the locations called ‘the hood’ in GTA 5 and where to find them.

The GTA franchise is full of iconic locations and characters. Although GTA 6 will begin a new era where you’ll follow the storyline revolving around Lucia and Jason, old games in the series are still wildly popular, with GTA Online being one of the most played and watched titles in the world in 2024.

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While roaming around Los Santos, you’re bound to feel nostalgic at times, and one of the best locations to feel that way is the hood. Introduced in San Andreas, it is still one of the most known locations in the series, which explains its addition to GTA 5 as well.

On that note, here’s where to find the hood in GTA 5.

What is the hood in GTA 5?

The hood in GTA 5 refers to two regions: Grove Street and Forum Drive. The former is the memorable location from GTA San Andreas, where CJ and his crew hung out frequently. In GTA 5, the Forum Drive is a place you’ll visit regularly because Frank’s Aunt lives there.

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Where to find the hood in GTA 5?

Grove Street

The Grove Street hood in GTA 5 is located on the southern end of Los Santos, right beside the canal that flows near the Maze Bank Arena in La Puerta. You can find the exact location in the image below:

Grove Street hood location in GTA 5Rockstar Games
Classic gang versions of cars appear in GTA 5’s Grove Street.

Forum Drive

The Forum Drive hood in GTA 5 is also located on the southern end of Los Santos. Head to the western end of Grove Street and continue straight till you get the right turn to enter Forum Drive.

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The exact location has been marked in the image below:

Forum Drive location in GTA 5Rockstar Games
GTA 6 will take the franchise to Florida.

If you’re crossing the bridge from the Maze Bank Arena to access these areas, remember that Grove Street is towards the right, and for Forum Drive, you’ll have to take the first left.

Well, this was everything to know about finding and visiting the hood in GTA 5. As we wait for GTA 6, check out these guides on existing games in the franchise:

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