How to spawn vehicles next to you in GTA Online

The car delivery system in GTA Online works like a charm but other players on the server can severely harm your vehicle if it doesn’t spawn near you. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to spawn vehicles right next to you in GTA Online.

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that the GTA Online community loves owning vehicles as it is common to find players exploring the streets of Los Santos in their favorite automobiles.

While the fastest cars in the game like Weevil Custom can cost you a fortune, others like Coil Brawler and Karin S95 can be acquired for free. On top of this, there’s a car delivery system that saves you from the trouble of going to your garage when you need a ride.

Here’s how you can spawn vehicles right next to you in GTA Online and stop other players from damaging them.

GTA Online cars can be as expensive as $5 million in-game cash.

How to make a car spawn next to you in GTA Online

The process of getting a car delivered in GTA Online is pretty straightforward. Open the game’s Interaction Menu, scroll down to ‘Request Personal Vehicle,’ and choose the vehicle you want. You’ll be informed that your car is on the way, and all you need to do is wait.

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There is an issue with this though. Unfortunately, this method doesn’t park the car right beside you. Usually, this is fine, but if you’re surrounded by other players, they can easily blow your car up before you get close to it, leaving you stuck.

Thankfully, getting the car to spawn beside you is actually really easy. Simply look away from where you want it to appear, and it should spawn behind you. You can also switch to first-person mode and look at the floor.

  1. Open the Interaction menu and scroll down to Request Personal Vehicle.
  2. Pick the vehicle you want to be delivered, and press Confirm.
  3. Immediately look away from where you want it to arrive, or stare at the ground in first-person mode.
  4. Wait a few seconds for the car to be delivered, turn around and it will be parked there for you.
GTA Online features 746 separate controllable cars.

While this is a useful trick, you don’t need to do it for every vehicle. For example, the ultra-powerful Oppressor MK2 will automatically spawn right beside you if you request its delivery.

For vehicles that aren’t heavily armored or dangerous, this trick will give you a much better chance at survival if you’re under fire, and help you get out of trouble.

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