GTA 6 map leak shows incredible size compared to Los Santos

Hamza Khalid
Los Santos in GTA 5

After looking at the leaked coordinates for GTA 6, one Grand Theft Auto fan has showcased how large the size of the game’s map is compared to Los Santos from GTA 5.

Even though Rockstar Games have been secretive when it comes to the content that will be in GTA 6, the highly-anticipated game has garnered a ton of hype among the Grand Theft Auto community.

While official information has been scarce, players were able to see different stages of development through an unfortunate gameplay leak. It seems that Rockstar are planning to make the game even bigger than GTA 5.

The leak included coordinates for the map that will be featured in the sixth installment of Rockstar’s popular open-world video game series. Reddit user ‘ChurchofGTA’ used this information to estimate the map size.

After lining up these coordinates with those of Los Santos from Grand Theft Auto V, the Redditor was able to properly compare the sizes of the two locations. It seems that GTA 6 will give players a significantly larger map to explore.

One user in the thread commented: “It’s already 1.5 times bigger, and the map doesn’t end here. I think it’s gonna be even bigger than 1.5 times. Hell, we don’t have any idea how far north the map extends.”

Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two Interactive previously stated that the new game will set creative benchmarks, and it’s possible that the larger map size is one way through which it will achieve that.

However, it’s worth noting that this information is based on leaks so it’s worth taking with a grain of salt. Since the game is still under development, these coordinates may not represent the final map size.

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Image credits: Rockstar Games

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