GTA Online The Contract DLC: Patch notes, Dr. Dre, new weapons & vehicles

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GTA Online’s newest DLC has been unveiled by Rockstar, and ‘The Contract’ is set to add a ton of new stuff and content to the game. It includes the return of Franklin and Dr. Dre, and here are the patch notes and content.

While GTA 6 has yet to be announced, fans of the Grand Theft Auto series still have plenty of content to enjoy such as the new GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition. Now, Rockstar is bringing some new additions to GTA Online.

Whereas the Cayo Perico Heist rocked GTA Online in 2020, The Contract is 2021’s big DLC update. Here’s all of the new content included in the update.

GTA Online The Contract DLC update start date

Cars exploding in GTA Online

The Contract story DLC is now live in GTA Online after players received the update on December 15, 2021.

The DLC was first uncovered as the “Fixers” update, but Rockstar debuted its first trailer on December 9 to show off the real name.

This update serves as a content shake-up to make things a bit more interesting for players when they drop into Los Santos in GTA Online.

GTA Online The Contract weapons

GTA Online’s The Contract update brings three new weapons, “each a valuable instrument Franklin has accrued over his career.”

Here are the three new weapons coming in The Contract:

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  • Heavy Rifle
  • EMP Launcher
  • Stun Gun

The Heavy Rifle can be purchased from Ammu-Nation, while the EMP Launcher and Stun Gun need to be bought from The Agency’s Armory.

GTA Online The Contract vehicles

Enus Jubilee in GTA Online

As well as these new weapons, The Contract DLC has also brought a whopping seven new vehicles to the game.

Here’s every vehicle added with The Contract DLC:

  • Pegassi Ignus supercar
  • Lampadati Cinquemila sedan
  • Pfister Astron SUV
  • Dewbauchee Champion supercar
  • Bravado Buffalo STX muscle car
  • Enus Deity sedan
  • Enus Jubilee SUV

New GTA Online The Contract property

Rockstar Games

GTA Online players can also get their hands on a new property with The Contract DLC – the Agency.

Here’s Rockstar’s description of the Agency:

“As part of your partnership investment in F. Clinton & Partner, you’ll acquire a new multi-floor, state-of-the-art office space, fitting for a high-end private solutions Agency. The property includes office space for the team and a dedicated lower level for vehicle storage. You can add further modification with an Armory to service your arsenal and a Vehicle Workshop that opens a new range of modifications ideal for completing contracts for clients.”

Dr. Dre returns in GTA Online The Contract update

dr dre and lamar in gta online

World famous rapper Dr. Dre was a major part of GTA Online’s Cayo Perico Heist and he’s now made his return in GTA Online’s The Contract update.

“On the streets of Los Santos, Dr. Dre’s stolen phone is the talk of the town — word is the device is loaded with never-before-heard music from Dr. Dre’s as-yet unreleased work, which you’ll need to track down before it leaks to the world. This could make or break your Agency, and you’ll be the one getting your hands dirty.

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As you make headway with the investigation, you’ll discover new songs from the six-time Grammy Award-winning hip-hop legend, all premiering exclusively within this massive update to GTA Online.”

You can also hang out with Dr. Dre by visiting the Record A Studios, where you’ll get a “behind-the-scenes glimpse of the hit-making process.”

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Source: Rockstar Games Newswire

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