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How to use the Director Mode in GTA 5

GTA 5’s Director Mode grants you greater control over the game, and here’s how you can use this fun feature.



Michael running in GTA 5

The Director Mode in GTA 5 allows players to have more creative control over the game and create their own crazy GTA 5 content. Our guide will walk you through Director Mode and tell you how to use it.

With Grand Theft Auto 6 in the pipeline and still moving forward, despite the leaks, it means that the attention and focus will start becoming less and less on GTA 5 and its online component – GTA Online.

Until then, GTA 5 still has a ton of fun and hands-on appeal for fans of the franchise to enjoy, and one element continues to be the game’s Director Mode. It allows you to operate outside the usual norm in GTA 5 by giving you free rein over the time of day, allowing you to change your wanted level, fast travel, and jump higher.

Here’s everything you need to know about GTA 5’s Director Mode and how to use it.

How to use GTA 5’s Director Mode

Casting trailer in GTA 5's Director Mode

Activating Director Mode is very simple and easy to do as you just need to enter the game’s Interaction Menu to do so. You’ll be able to step into the shoes of one of countless NPCs and characters found in the game.

Here’s how you can access the Director Mode in Grand Theft Auto 5:

  1. Launch GTA 5 and wait for the game to finish loading.
  2. Get to the point where you can take control of your character.
  3. Now, press View on Xbox / Hold the touchpad on PlayStation / or press the applicable key on PC.
  4. Select Director Mode in the Interaction Menu.
  5. Pick the “actor” you want to play as from the casting trailer and enter Director Mode.

You can get back to the main game by opening up the Interaction Menu again. It’s worth noting that you can’t enter Director Mode from certain locations or if you’re inside a vehicle. You must also make sure you don’t have a wanted level.

Michael De Santa in GTA 5

Once you’re in the Director Mode, you can do many fun things like changing the weather or time of day, controlling your wanted level, super jumping, firing explosive bullets, becoming invincible, and much more.

You have the option to play as various different story characters, NPCs, and even animals. You can also shortlist actors while in the trailer so that you can instantly change between them while playing.

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