GTA 6 rumors grow after players find strange files in RDR2

Andrew Highton
gta 6 files in rdr2 leak

Evidence has been found in Red Dead Redemption 2 that would suggest that GTA 6 is in development. Or that we have more information on the upcoming GTA 5 re-release that’s heading to next-gen.

It’s fair to say that information about GTA 6 is about as barebones as can be. Fans are still currently in limbo as to whether or not the game even exists. It’s currently Rockstar’s own Schrodinger’s Cat.

With no concrete information to sink their teeth into, rabid fans are always scouring GTA 5, GTA Online, and Red Dead Redemption 2 for even the tiniest hints of new information. Well, some have been discovered. A file that does not fit RDR2 has been tracked down and it’s very interesting.

gta 5 los santos city

GTA 6 hinted at with RDR2 hidden file

A slew of rumors is all GTA fans have had to shout about in the last few years as GTA 5 continues to dominate the entertainment landscape as the most profitable piece of media ever created.

Recently, there have been rumors, concerning GTA 6, that the game will debut a female protagonist. It may even be set in Vice City too.

The errant file was found and reported to the official GTA Forum by user rollschuh2282. Tucked away in the RDR2′ files are items pertaining to parachutes. Now, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that this isn’t something designed for RDR2. These items have probably accidentally found their way into the files.

RDR2 files for GTA 5 or 6

The only question that remains, is this a component of GTA 6? Or something to do with the PS5 and Xbox Series X port of GTA 5?

The interesting part is that these files don’t exist in GTA 5 in any way shape or form. So either this is being added specifically to the next-gen version, or something else entirely.

As with all of these things GTA-related, we can only speculate for the time being. If anything does become a bit more clear, we’ll let you know.

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