All keys in Gray Zone Warfare: Every door location

Lucas Simons
Gray Zone Warfare keys and doors

In Gray Zone Warfare, you can find keys to open certain doors scattered across Lamang Island. Here’s every key you can find in Gray Zone Warfare, including their door locations.

Gray Zone Warfare has players running around Lamang Island completing tasks for their factions, and in some cases, they need to access special areas using keys. Most keys can be found as random drops, but in some cases, they depend on the mission you take, like in the Medical Detective task.

So, here’s every key in Gray Zone Warfare, including the location of their doors.

Where to find every key & door in Gray Zone Warfare

Here’s every key discovered so far in Gray Zone Warfare, and each door location in Lamang Island:

KeyDrop LocationDoor Location
Pha Lang UNLRA office keyRandom DropPha Lang UNLRA near the water tower
Pha Lang’s Attic keyAround mission areaNorthwest of Pha Lang, near the garage
Pha Lang Shed keyRandom DropOn the southernmost part of Pha Lang
Pha Lang Lumbermill keyRandom DropPha Lang’s Lumbermill storage, north east
Pha Lang Doc’s office keyAround mission area205, 163, Doctor’s office backroom
Nam Thaven’s Attic keyRandom DropAbove the restaurant area, 170, 116
Nam Thaven Doc’s office keyNam Thaven’s Attic door169, 116, near the garage, inside the clinic
Nam Thaven Motel keyRandom DropThird door in the Nam Thaven motel
Nam Thaven UNLRA keyRandom Drop172 118, at Water Tower in Nam Thaven
Nam Thaven Lumbermill keyRandom Drop172 118, at Lumbermill in Nam Thaven
YBL-OFC2 keyRandom Drop142, 121, at the YBL Bunker, storage room
Kiu Vongsa Attic keyRandom DropKiu Vongsa Restaurant upper floor
Kiu Vongsa Doc’s office keyAround mission area141, 166, Doctor’s office backroom
Kiu Vongsa Motel keyRandom Drop2nd door of in Kiu Vongsa motel
Kiu Vongsa Lumbermill keyRandom DropKiu Vongsa Lumbermill storage, southeast
HP Weapon Storage KeyRandom DropUnlocks storage at Hunter’s Paradise
Villa Elena Garage KeyRandom DropNorthern side of Midnight Sapphire
Sawmill Storage Shed Key (SM STRG)Random DropSawmill Area, storage key
Tiger Bay Pier KeyRandom DropStorage room at the main pier
BAN PA Fishing Hut KeyRandom DropNortheast of Ban Pa
Improvised Bandit Lookout KeyRandom DropLocation Unknown

And that’s all you need to know about keys in Gray Zone Warfare. As more keys and locations are discovered, we will update this guide.

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