Does Wuthering Waves have controller support?

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Wuthering Waves is ready to launch on May 22, so if you’re wondering if the gacha game has controller support, here’s everything you need to know.

While there is no shortage of gacha games with exciting combat, open-world exploration, and good-looking characters, Kuro Games is bringing Wuthering Waves to mobile platforms and PC.

Since the combat system has many similarities to the one featured in Genshin Impact, many players are wondering if Wuthering Waves will support controllers.

Here’s everything you need to know about Wuthering Waves controller support.

Will Wuthering Waves have controller support?

Yes, Wuthering Waves will feature controller support when it launches on May 22, 2024. During a Special Broadcast Program, developers Kuro Games confirmed they finished working on the game’s controller support.

In addition, they also confirmed players will be able to customize keys to have a more personalized experience.

While the most popular gacha games feature controller support, not all of them did at launch. This is already setting Wuthering Waves apart from other popular titles, and fans are excited about the combat gameplay.

Character gliding in Wuthering Waves
Wuthering Waves features open-world exploration with over-the-top action gameplay.

However, Kuro Games haven’t yet revealed the list of compatible controllers, so we’ll make sure to update this article once they do. During the Special Broadcast Program, you can see devs using an Xbox controller, so if safe to say that there will be a variety of options to choose from.

That’s everything you need to know about controller support in Wuthering Waves. For more content on the title and other gacha games, we have more guides for you here:

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