Wuthering Waves platforms: Is it on PS5, Xbox & Switch?

Aakash Regmi
Wuthering Waves character gliding

Wuthering Waves is finally out, but where is the open-world RPG available? Here are all the platform details, including potential PlayStation and Nintendo Switch ports.


Wuthering Waves is here with a colorful playable roster, a massive open world, and plenty more content to be added post-launch.

If you’re wondering where can you play Kuro Games’ second title, here are all the platforms Wuthering Waves is available on, including details about PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo systems.

Wuthering Waves platforms

Wuthering Waves is currently available on PC, Android, and iOS.

As for the PC storefront, the game launched exclusively on the Epic Games Store. Wuthering Waves is not available on Steam, and developers haven’t hinted at a potential arrival on Valve’s storefront.

However, you can download the client directly from Wuthering Waves’ website without the need for an Epic Games account.

Is Wuthering Waves coming to PlayStation 4 & 5?

Yes, Wuthering Waves will be available on PlayStation 4 and 5, but not at launch. Kuro Games have confirmed on multiple occasions that it will launch on Sony’s consoles, but haven’t yet revealed any dates. We’ll update you whenever any dates are announced, so make sure to circle back for the latest.

An electro monster about about to touch a character in Wuthering Waves
Wuthering Waves on PlayStation 5 will look as good as ‘Ultra’ settings on PC.

Will Wuthering Waves be available on Xbox?

No, Wuthering Waves will not be coming to Xbox, as there haven’t been any announcements regarding the port.

Sony may have struck an exclusive deal, similar to other titles like Genshin Impact, but this is largely speculation. It may be released on Xbox down the line, but the chances are slim.

Will Wuthering Waves be available on Nintendo Switch?

No, Wuthering Waves will not be released on the Nintendo Switch.

So far, only PC and mobile are Wuthering Waves’ platforms, with PlayStation at a later date. Nothing has yet suggested an Xbox and Nintendo Switch launch.

That’s everything about the many platforms Wuthering Waves will release on. We’ll update you whenever details on missing platforms are announced. Until then, you can check how to increase stamina, how to level up fast, or how to get Sonance Caskets in Wuthering Waves to farm useful resources and materials.