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Street Fighter 6 characters

Step up your game in Street Fighter 6 with our comprehensive guide to unlocking all characters in the thrilling World Tour mode.

In Street Fighter 6, the World Tour mode is a narrative-driven campaign, designed to engage players with an array of fantastic characters and intense fights. Yet, there’s a catch. Each character has to be unlocked through time and effort.

With each character acting as a unique master of fighting styles, the World Tour mode becomes a journey across the globe to learn and adopt distinct fighting techniques. Every master you encounter imparts unique wisdom – developing a style that’s uniquely yours is the key to gaining strength.

Embarking on this quest is not easy, but we’re here to give you a leg up with our comprehensive rundown of the legendary characters in Street Fighter 6 World Tour and how to unlock them all.

Luke Street Fighter 6 location & unlock

Luke will be your first encounter in SF6 World Tour.
  • Chapter: 1-1
  • Location: Gym

As the first character in the Street Fighter 6 World Tour, Luke is the initial step on your journey. His accessible fighting style makes him an excellent starting point for beginners.

Known for his rush-down style, Luke specializes in close combat, save for his long-ranged projectile, the Sand Blaster. Mastering Luke’s tactics is an ideal foundation for your fighting journey.

Chun-Li Street Fighter 6 location & unlock

  • Chapter: 2-1
  • Location: Chinatown, Metro City

Chun-Li is your next step after completing the initial quest with Luke. This character, skilled in Chinese Kung fu, presents a more challenging learning curve, requiring mastery of charged inputs for powerful attacks like Kikoken.

Marisa Street Fighter 6 location & unlock

Marisa deals a ton of damage in Street Fighter 6.
  • Chapter: 3-3
  • Location: Italy

Unlocked as you progress through the main storyline, Marisa packs a punch. She’s a straightforward character to learn, boasting some of the most potent attacks in the game. A single charged punch from Marisa can significantly deplete your opponent’s health bar.

Blanka Street Fighter 6 location & unlock

  • Chapter: 6-1
  • Location: Brazil

Blanka’s strategy focuses on relentless forward pressure, but his potential might be a bit understated compared to Chun-Li. Be warned: Blanka’s moves may leave you exposed to counterattacks.

Dee Jay Street Fighter 6 location & unlock

Balance is the name of the game when it comes to Dee Jay.
  • Chapter: 6-1
  • Location: Jamaica

Dee Jay provides a balanced gameplay experience with a blend of offensive and defensive abilities. Although he requires some effort to master, his effective follow-up attacks make it worth the commitment.

Lily Street Fighter 6 location & unlock

  • Chapter: 6-1
  • Location: Thunderfoot Settlement, Mexico

Unlock Lily, an entertaining yet underpowered character, in Thunderfoot Settlement, Mexico, in Chapter 6-1. With her balanced offensive and defensive capabilities, she is a character worth exploring.

Jamie Street Fighter 6 location & unlock

You’ll first meet Jamie in Chapter 8-1, but he won’t unlock until later one.
  • Chapter: 8-1
  • Location: Chinatown, Metro City

Jamie doesn’t unlock immediately; he shows up as a master in Chinatown at night as you progress through the story. The more Jamie drinks, the more powerful he becomes. It’s a fun mechanic, but it does require careful timing.

Ken Street Fighter 6 location & unlock

  • Chapter: 8-3
  • Location: Metro City

With a robust toolkit filled with powerful combos, Ken in Street Fighter 6 is one of the top picks for players. Unlike his previous iterations, Ken in this game is more aggressive and has versatile follow-up attacks.

E. Honda Street Fighter 6 location & unlock

Maintaining distance up against E. Honda is vital.
  • Chapter: 8-4
  • Location: Metro City

E. Honda, the archetype of a grappler character, is all about crushing opponents with robust grab attacks. His playstyle is intriguing, yet requires significant game knowledge to master.

Ryu Street Fighter 6 location & unlock

  • Chapter: 8-5
  • Location: Genbu Temple, Japan

Ryu is one of the most iconic members of Street Fighter 6‘s roster, and is found at Genbu Temple, Japan in Chapter 8-5. With moves like Hadoken and Shoryuken, he remains true to his classic abilities while embracing new ones from his transformation into Evil Ryu. Mastery of Ryu may demand rapid button-mashing skills, but the result is undoubtedly satisfying.

Guile Street Fighter 6 location & unlock

Guile’s defensive abilities are second to none in SF6.
  • Chapter: 9-1
  • Location: Carrier Brion Taylor

The impregnable fortress that is Guile is located at Carrier Brion Taylor in Chapter 9-1. Notorious for his robust defense, Guile can easily nullify the fast-paced combat styles of characters like Ken and Juri. Although his charge style requires precision timing and practice, mastering him pays off generously.

Juri Street Fighter 6 location & unlock

  • Chapter: A Hardboiled Adventure quest
  • Location: Nayshall

You can find Juri in Nayshall by undertaking the sub-quest ‘A Hardboiled Adventure.’ Her diverse kit, covering armor-breaking, harassing opponents, and long-ranged moves, makes her versatile and effective against any opponent.

Manon Street Fighter 6 location & unlock

Manon is one of the best Street Fighter 6 characters.
  • Chapter: Talk to Oscar in Metro City near the main hub to start the Extra quest.
  • Location: France

Located in France, Manon is a high-reward grappler who shines through her unique medal mechanic. Start the sub-quest “Extra” by conversing with Oscar in Metro City’s main hub. Once you’ve mastered the art of her command grabs, she’ll become a powerful ally in your ranked battles.

Kimberly Street Fighter 6 location & unlock

  • Chapter: Metro City
  • Location: Spotted standing in Beat Street mid-way through World Tour

Kimberly, the ultimate rush-down character in Street Fighter 6, can be found in Metro City, specifically in Beat Street, around the middle of the story. Her wall pressure abilities and deceptive cross-ups make her a unique challenge to both play as and against.

Zangief Street Fighter 6 location & unlock

Zangief is a great character for new players.
  • Chapter: Complete Hither and Tither (found in front of Hagger Stadium at night)
  • Location: Barmaley Steelworks

Zangief, a formidable grappler known for his chain grabs, awaits you at Barmaley Steelworks. To unlock him, complete the side-quest ‘Hither and Tither’ at Hagger Stadium at night. His strength and simple controls make him an excellent choice for newcomers.

Cammy Street Fighter 6 location & unlock

  • Chapter: Go to King’s Street after completing Visit Special Unit Del quest
  • Location: King’s Street, London

Cammy, with her amazing mixups, can be found on King’s Street, London, after completing the ‘Special Unit Del’ side quest in Metro City. Her swift, fluid style and diverse kit can be a puzzle for your adversaries.

Dhalsim Street Fighter 6 location & unlock

Dhalsim specializes in long-range attacks.
  • Chapter: Defeat Anik in Bayside Park
  • Location: Dhalsimer Temple

To add Dhalsim to your roster, defeat Anik at Bayside Park. Dhalsim, the long-range specialist, is a challenge to master, but his zoning abilities and fireball attacks make him a strong contender on the battlefield.

JP Street Fighter 6 location & unlock

  • Chapter: 15-4
  • Location: Nayshall

Finally, JP, the zenith of zoning characters, can be found in Nayshall in Chapter 15-4. Although his projectile attacks can be punishing to opponents, mastering him requires precision and an understanding of frame data.

Remember, the key to mastering Street Fighter 6 World Tour mode lies in learning the subtleties of each character, understanding their unique traits, and finding a style that suits you the best.

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