Does Street Fighter 6 have microtransactions?

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For those wondering if Street Fighter 6 will include the notorious and controversial feature of microtransactions, here’s your answer.

As the release of Street Fighter 6 draws near, the question of whether the game will feature microtransactions has been a hot topic within the gaming community.

The inclusion of microtransactions has been a significant point of debate for fans of the series, with many eagerly awaiting official confirmation. Having seen Capcom’s willingness to include them in Street Fighter 5, it’s high time we explored the potential status of microtransactions in SF6​.

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Does Street Fighter 6 feature microtransactions?

Street Fighter 6 will have microtransactions in the form of an in-game currency called Drive Tickets.

These Drive Tickets are Street Fighter 6’s microtransaction currency, and while it’s currently not confirmed, during the beta players were able to earn these by completing challenges. Perhaps players will have the option to purchase them with real money or grind to earn them for free by playing the game.

Further, we also know that Street Fighter 6 will feature a yearly pass for players to purchase. This pass is expected to come with content such as new characters, adding further depth and variety to the game. Given that each recent Street Fighter title has had a lifespan of a few years, we can anticipate Street Fighter 6 to follow suit, providing players with ongoing updates and fresh content.

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Street Fighter 6 expands customization like never before.

What are Drive Tickets in Street Fighter 6?

These Drive Tickets were seen in the Street Fighter 6 beta, and they allowed players to acquire new clothes and cosmetics for their characters in the Hub Goods Shop, adding an extra dimension of customization to the gameplay.

Of course, the question remains: will Drive Tickets have any different or additional functions compared to Street Fighter 5’s Fight Tokens? At this point, we can only speculate and wait for the full launch of the game to answer this question​.

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Players can get Drive Tickets as a pre-order bonus, giving you a head start prior to the game’s launch. Check out our guide on the Street Fighter 6 pre-order editions for more.

As we get closer to the launch, stay tuned for more information and updates on Street Fighter 6 and its microtransaction system.

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