Will Atomic Heart have microtransactions?

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Robot in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart’s release has a ton of anticipation around it, and players are wondering if the game will feature any microtransactions. We’ve got the answers right here.

There has been plenty of hype for Atomic Heart ever since it was first revealed with gamers being drawn in by its sci-fi setting and it’s now one of the most highly anticipated titles coming in 2023.

Players will be able to pick it up on Xbox Game Pass on day one, and there are different versions that can be preordered. However, will Atomic Heart feature any microtransactions after its release?

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Does Atomic Heart have microtransactions?

In an interview with Gamereactor, the Atomic Heart developers confirmed that the game does not have microtransactions. They described it as a “full-price, AAA single-player adventure with no additional bells and whistles.”

However, they added that they will share plans for the DLC at a later point in time. It remains to be seen exactly what those plans will be and they mentioned that they currently have “zero thoughts” on NFTs.

Atomic Heart characters with logo

Atomic Heart is an action RPG that thrusts players into an alternate-reality version of the Soviet Union. As you explore this game’s open world, you’ll encounter a variety of killer robots that have gone haywire.

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Throughout your adventure, you’ll have to complete a variety of story missions. It’s possible that the developers may be planning to expand upon the main story of Atomic Heart in the form of DLCs.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear exactly how much DLC content is planned for the game or what it will add to the narrative. However, players can rest assured that there will be no other optional purchases for in-game skins, weapons, or other items.

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